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The Houses of Chiron and Saturn

Chiron is the wound that will not heal. Many Astrologers fudge Chiron to say that it can heal. I am true to the myth of Chiron, which says that the wound will never heal. However, the person can use that fount of the wound, with which to water others. The native is equipped with a special ability to heal in the exact place that he, himself, can never heal. Again, people chastise me for my “rigid” views. They want to mitigate things, such that all things have a happy ending. That is not life and that is not Astrology, as I see it. I do not dishonor Astrology by making everything pablum.

Back to Chiron. Chiron is more house sensitive than sign sensitive. Chiron’s house is a big factor in any chart. Your heart will be broken in the affairs of the house in which Chiron resides. How do I come to this? Current Psychology implies that people can heal from anything, if they only try hard enough. My opinion is that this is not true. We have wounds which we will take from cradle to grave. The Chiron wound is one such wound. Go to my articles on the Houses( or any article on the purview of each house). Study the house in which your Chiron resides. Meditate on the affairs of this house and the role they have had in your life. I think that it will be a house of pain. Please, write me and tell me what you have found.

Saturn has a different twist. Saturn promises rewards, in the House in which it resides. The rewards are based on hard work, persistence and continued effort, as in a mountain goat climbing a hill. Saturn is, both, the sign of the goat and the sign of Father Time. Saturn is kind, although many people see him as gruff. He is kind, as a father who makes you work for your allowance, would be kind. The father who did not care may give it to you to make you hush up. The father who wanted the best for you would make you struggle and strive, as he knows that will build your character, and ultimately, your freedom *SIGH* Life is very hard, on this earth. Saturn is there to teach us our lessons. The earth plane demands that we must learn them, or stay forever a child.

Back to Saturn and the Houses. Saturn’s sign does have importance but I am not going to explore it in this article. We will stick to Houses. Again, study the House in which Saturn resides. There you will have to struggle and strive for what you get. You will work until your fingers are thread bare. You will be paid little as you apprentice in Saturn’s House. Saturn’s rewards are not given cheaply, but they are given. Also, one will have a special wisdom and maturity derived from Saturn’s hand. The person will have a singular beauty, as does old and worn things, in the very places in which they were worn. Think of the Velveteen Rabbit when you think of Saturn. Can you persist to learn Saturn’s lessons? They separate the boys from the men.

3 thoughts on “The Houses of Chiron and Saturn

  1. amiannSweet-scorpion

    Do you think positive Jupiter-Saturn aspects make learning Saturn’s lessons a littler less painful? As in, wherever Jupiter is and what aspects it makes, shows you a sort of remedy or escape chute when things get too difficult with Saturn’s lessons?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, SS. I am not sure what happens when Jupiter hits a “hard planet or asteroid”. Does it make it easier to express the hard planet or asteroid? What does it DO, in a practical way? I am not sure and have asked myself this same question. I will have to pay particular attention when I do the charts. I don’t see it much, though, it seems. What do you think?

      1. amiannsweet-scorpion

        I have a strong trine between Saturn and Jupiter in my natal chart which is what prompted my curiosity about it.

        A possibility for my case at least could be, my 3H Saturn is dull and depressing especially in terms of school and lower education… but at its best the Jupiter trine is like the light at the end of the tunnel for this burdensome Saturn. It gives me hope that if I push a little further things can work out for me, so I won’t quit in the long run. I also find this aspect could mean just when things seem to be turning to total chaos or ruin in the areas of Saturn’s house, a bit of mysterious luck based on fate and circumstances will pull you the hell out of the pit you got yourself in by trying to evade or skip out on Saturn’s lessons.

        PERFECT example – I didn’t try my best at my school work for 2 years. Went to another school and potentially would have to repeat a grade. This devastated me and showed H3 Saturn at its absolute meanest! But a bit of luck pulled me through, and after working my ass off at the end of the school term, so the next year I could fully do the grade just fine… and also got a really amazing admin at the school to pull a bunch of strings and unbelievably customize my schedule so I wouldn’t even have to attend the full day of school. This to me, is Jupiter-Saturn at its fullest. 🙂

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