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The Intellectual Man and Jesus

I am writing to people who want to think their way to God: those people who must come to God through their intellects. People who grew up in Christian homes are not in this category often. They always had a relationship with God in that God was part of their family. When they came to have a personal relationship with Jesus, it was a natural part of their development. These people do not seem to struggle as we, intellectual types do. I am Jewish which puts an additional roadblock . However, it does not matter if you are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, New Age, or non affiliated. If you HAVE to come to God through your intellect, I am writing to you.

There are certain subjects which cause the intellectual man to roll his eyes. These include the virgin birth. People ask me,”You REALLY believe that stuff?” I have to laugh. I know it does seem otherworldly. One must understand that we live in a dimension of time and space ordered in a certain way. Contemporary psychics is meeting the New Age in too many ways to count. It is an exciting era when physics can prove ESP and such phenomena. At any rate, our limited earth dimension does not allow for phenomena such as the virgin birth without interference from an extra-dimensional influence.In common parlance, this would be a miracle. From our side, it would be a miracle. From God’s, it is His Realm. God knows no time or space. As such, all things are happening at the same time. Contemporary Physics agrees. We, from our limited perspective as earth dwellers, must suspend our finite minds when exploring God. Hubris may keep us locked in to man’s world view. However, even the most intellectually astute man must admit he understands a fraction of anything.

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