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The Intellectual Man’s Guide to Hell

936273_257263037750856_1997092683_nI have two other articles in this series–The Intellectual man’s Guide to Jesus and the Intellectual Man’s guide to the Devil.l I come by the idea naturally because I was the intellectual man. I know what it feels like to look at religious people like they are mind numbed zombies. Some people come easily to God. Some people come harder. Some people have to have tidal wave after tidal wave wash over them until they can barely breathe. Before the last tidal wave annihilates them, they find Jesus. I was the latter. It could have been so much easier if I wasn’t so proud. Once you lose enough of your pride, you don’t care much anymore for it. Pride is a slippery slope.

The asteroid Lucifer shows spiritual pride. I can feel it in people like I can feel Eris, the asteroid of the annoying mosquito. However, we all have pride. It is the default state of the human being. It is our biggest obstacle to finding God and our biggest obstacle to the elusive state of happiness that we all seek. Back to Hell, the subject of this article.

Everyone will live forever, somewhere. We are energy at our cores. We are spirit under the physical shell. Our spirit is housed in us as surely as the little snail lives in his shell. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Why don’t people realize that it applies to humans just as it applies to matter? These Laws cannot be applied selectively.

I say this to get to the point that we are spiritual beings and we will live forever. There is no sleeping of the consciousness. When man dies, he is more fully awake. The spiritual world has heightened senses. If you have ever had an Out of Body experience, you know this. One feels more. The colors are brighter. Reality seems more real. People who have had Near death experiences say this. It is one of the classic traits to an NDE. Hence, one should give some thought to where one is going to go and how one is going to get there and what it will be like. That is the topic of this article.

It seems unseemly to talk about Hell. It has gotten consigned to the domain of preachers with spittle running down their cheeks. In current society, one can talk about all manner of things but not this. People think Hell is an outdated concept. They think it is a concept and not a place. What if it were real? Should you spend a few moments considering it? Kenneth Hagin went to Hell twice. He was a young man and died from a deformed heart. He describes Hell in his CDs. On this second trip to Hell, he was screaming for God as he ascended up from the very real place called Hell. He ascended up and went back into his body as one would put on a piece of clothing. This is how he describes it. On his third trip to death, he went to Heaven. His mother and grandmother saw a huge orb of light in his room. It was so strong that they could not enter. Kenneth went to Heaven. God told him that he could not stay because his work on earth was not done. Kenneth was 17. He lived until he was in his late eighties.

If you know me from my articles, you know that I believe that truth is what heals. It may hurt but it is, always, the kindest way. Hagin is the most authentic speaker I have ever heard. He does not have the wild eyed fluff present in many ministers. I will, always, be the intellectual man at my core, but we are, each, spirit beings and must not forget that. The spirit is the only part of us that lives on. Our ego will be long forgotten. Our body will become one with the earth. Our spirit will stay alive forever, in one place or another, which is the subject of this article, after all.


Kenneth Hagins Near Death Experience.


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12 thoughts on “The Intellectual Man’s Guide to Hell

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I still don’t understand the question, in a practical way? Doesn’t everyone have many facets. For example, I am a tender Cancer Moon with depth and heart. This is not intellectual. It is feeling. It is another side of me. Don’t you have this, too?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Do you ever her the phrase “Garbage in/Garbage out? I’m sorry that you have been
    sold a bill of goods, via false teaching. Man doesn’t have a soul. Man IS a soul.
    A human soul has a tri-part nature. It is composed of body, mind and spirit. All these
    parts coalesce to form “a living soul. Without these 3 parts working in consort, you can’t
    have life.
    When the body dies the mind (brain) ceases to function. The spirit, (The life anaimation
    force) returns to God. This spirit needs to be united to a body and mind to have any
    self awareness. That’s the purpose of the reserrection, to reunite the spirit with a refurbished
    body and mind.
    There IS no immortality of the soul. The wages of sin are DEATH. Dead as a doornail DEATH
    The GIFT of Christ is life.
    People have believed Satan’s lie of the immortality of the soul since Adam and Eve.
    Where do you suppose Eve got the courage to eat the forbidden fruit? It was only because
    she believed she WOULDN’T die, that she ate the fruit. In response to this sin, God said,
    “Behold, man is now like one of us, knowing good and evil. Let Us drive him out of the
    Garden, least he eat of the Tree of Life and live forever. God purposefully threw man out of
    the Garden so he wouldn’t get eat of the Tree of Life. He put two Angels with flaming swords
    around it. That’s why man is mortal. So why does he believe he is immortal?
    First, understand that the Jews NEVER believed in the immortality of the soul. The greatest
    desire of the Jews was that they be interred together after death. Then, gradually a belief
    in a resererction developed: “Many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall raise, some to
    everlasting glory, some to ever lasting shame…” This was called “The Last Day.”
    It was the consumation of human history were the dead would come to life to be JUDGED.
    You have to undergo judgement.
    The idea of the immortality of the soul was a gentile/pagan belief. The New Testament says:
    “David is not asended into Heaven.” It also says: “No man hath ascended to Heaven, except,
    He that is in Heaven” It also says only “Christ has immortality.”
    It’s so sad to see a nice person escape one form of bondage only to be ensnared in another
    form of bondage. Please find a church that offers true Bible teaching.

  2. amiannMarble

    Hi Amiann!

    I have to comment here ’cause that whole spirit thing has been lately a lot on my mind. I just had my first time seeing a dead person about a week ago. Being around someone who has just passed away makes realize what really matters. Our body is just temporary home for our soul, for (this?) lifetime. I felt her spirit around, relieved and happy. That experience really opened my eyes to tell apart which one is the soul and which is just the body around it. After that I’ve started to view people even more as spirits and not judge them from their outer appearance. Suddenly you look around at the mall and see how lost and closed inside most souls are. You can feel some souls exuding great love for their children, some are just keen on superficial things and some are repressed by the obstacles they’ve met. Many people are just looking for answers or perhaps gave up searching meaning of life and chose to stick into daily routines instead.
    It is very comforting thought that no one can really kill you. (

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