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The Moon in Cancer in a Female

Moon in Cancer, in a woman’ s chart, is a beautiful moon placement. The moon loves to be in Cancer, most of all, because this is it’s natural home. The moon represents the female, femininity, the breasts, the mother, the home, food, cooking, eating, nest building and nurturing, in general. A woman with moon in Cancer, often, has large breasts. She is a nurturer to those whom she loves. She does not reach out to the world, on a global scale, as an Aquarius does. She forms a small nest with family and friends. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means leadership and strength of action. In accordance with this, the Cancer moon will fight for those she loves with a tenacity of which she may not fight, for herself. She may not assert herself, for her own needs. However, one will see her fierceness, if one hurts someone she loves. One can,often, identity a Moon in cancer female by a fragile little girl quality. Jackie O had Moon in Cancer. People,often, spoke of her, seeming, vulnerability, although she was strong, in actuality. The moon in Cancer may not, actually, be fragile, but may,often, appear so.

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