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The Natal Chart of Travis Alexander



Astrotheme seems to have Travis’ time of birth. Travis was born on July 28, 1977 in Riverside California at 12:01 A.M. I decided to do his natal chart because he had an aspect which caught my eye–Chiron conj the ASC. This is the chart of someone who was bullied severely. I have seen this in all the charts I have done, to date. I will discuss some of the major aspects in Travis’ chart before i go onto the synastry.

Chiron conj the Ascendent

This is one of the hardest aspects one can have in the chart, bar none. It seems to show severe bullying.A brief look at Travis life indicates he may have had this as both of his parents were drug addicts. This is very sad!

Low Water–One Generational planet in Water

I find that people with low water don’t “get it”. I will get flak for saying this but I am here to be honest, not to gain popularity. People with no personal planets( Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or Mercury)in water seem to miss social cues. I will relate a story of a low water friend. He came to visit. After a while, I wanted him to leave. I gave all sorts of hints which he ignored. Then,I took his Bible and walked him to the door and said good bye.

Another person with low water seems to miss subtle jokes and takes them personally. Water is the element of empathy. It is the element of getting subtext. Subtext is what is happening under the surface. This is my experience with low water people. The water void is worse. It is the hardest void. Understanding the subtleties of human interaction is necessary to navigate your way through life. Low water and the water void are lacking in subtext..Hence, I would draw the inference that Travis did not pick up subtle cues enough. That is the only inference I can get from this but it is a big one.

Uranus conj the DSC

This aspect is as glaring as Chiron conjunct the Asc. What conjuncts the DSC, we look for in the partner. Uranus is “off the wall”, and “out of the box” behavior. We can stifle our own quality and look for the partner to give it to us. For Uranus conj the DSC, the person would look for the partner to be “out of the box” while he could deny his own wild and out of the box impulses

Venus in Gemini conj Jupiter

From this aspect, I know that Travis shined. If one was around him, one would feel love. He was probably a flirt but not in a dark kind of way. Dark flirting would be more of a Scorpio Venus. Gemini Venus likes to play and tease in a light hearted way. Jupiter conjunct Venus makes for a person from whom others feel s genuine love. This is very sad.

Vertex conj Ceres

This is a fascinating aspect as the what conjuncts the Vertex, you draw to you. Travis drew unconditional love to him. Ceres is the unconditional love of a mother. Jody had Ceres conj Venus which makes me know that she could give( or seem to give) unconditional love. This is very sad again, as Travis had a turbulent childhood and probably was starved of true unconditional love.

Mars conjunct Lilith( 3 degrees)

Mars conjunct Lilith tells us that Travis was a super sexual guy. He vibed to the heartbeat of raw sexuality. What I mean by that is that his drive in life was very caught up in raw sex for it’s own purpose. Three degrees is a bit wide for a conjunction but I think it would apply because it is conjunct his Mars and that makes it very significant. Astrologers disagree with orbs for asteroids. Asteroids have to be very close to be felt. Three degrees would be the outermost I would consider and only in a conjunction.

I think we are forming a picture of Travis, so far, that helps us understand what happened.

North Node conj Vertex

This is unusual. The NN is our purpose in life. Vertex shows what we attract to us. Anit-vertex shows what we bring to the world. How vertex conjunct the NN worked in the life of Travis, I am not sure but I think it was significant. Was his destiny what someone else brought him? I leave this here for your consideration.

Sun in Leo square Uranus

Sun in Leo tells us Travis could be a party type of guy. Sun square Uranus tells us that he would have a hard time with his own rebellious nature. Uranus conj the DSC tells us that he would look for his own wild nature in another person. We can see the picture forming of his relationship with Jody.

Sun in the 4th House

Even though Travis was a life of the party type of guy due to his Leo Sun, it’s 4th house placement makes him more introverted than other Leo Sun placements. Leo Sun’s can be confident but a 4th house placement can take some of this confidence away.

Full Second House

I had to take a break from doing this chart but when I got back, I saw with new eyes. He has a full 2nd House which shows that money and material things are very important to him. I know that Jody was not a suitable wife because she was not a Morman. I wonder if he felt he would lose financial ground by an open relationship with Jody. She was kept hidden by Travis. This seems to be the ostensible reason for her rage. Travis does value the material world a lot, so I am putting two and two together here.

Mars, Venus and Jupiter are in the second House. Mars conjuncts Lilith as I said above. He had a desire for raw sexuality. By this, I mean that he valued sex for sex’s sake. This turned out to be quite dangerous for him, as it could be when one wants one woman for sex and another for marriage/ an overt girlfriend.

A Yod

The Moon in Capricorn is at the apex of his Yod. The apex planet will act out the Yod. In other words, the focus of the Yod will be the apex planet. The apex planet will do the changing based on the two sides of the Yod(the quincunxes)

If you don’t understand the Yod, I have articles on it. To explain it briefly, the Yod is one’s purpose. The Yod is called The Finger of God. The Finger of God points to Travis’ Moon.

This is quite an amazing Yod. It involves personal planets and some of the degrees are exact making the Yod more intense. Lets start with the two legs of the Yod—the two quincunx. Then, we will discuss the sextile which is the base.


1. Mars in Gemini in the 2nd House Quincunx Moon in Capricorn in the 9th house

This quincunx tells us many things. Travis had a love for money and a desire to make money( Mars in the 2nd). Travis had a cold moon which could be called the “Marry for Money Moon” Will all Capricorn Moons marry for money? No, but if I had to pinpoint one Moon which would marry for money, I would say it was the Capricorn moon. Think of Madonna’s Song ”Material Girl”.

However, Moon in the 9th wants to find God and is a true seeker. This quincunx would be the struggle between the material world and the spiritual. It would also be the struggle between goals( mars) and heart(moon).

2. Sun in Leo in the 4th Quincunx Moon

This quincunx is exact . Sun quincunx Moon is the struggle between the ego and the heart. Travis was an outgoing person but introverted in the sense that home was very important to him and he was a homebody. His sense of self struggled with his heart. this quincunx would be the struggle between his ego and his heart, as well as the struggle between his established values learned in his childhood home( religion?) and finding God for himself.

Travis was a true seeker after God. Was he happy being a Morman? I don’t know but I do know that he really wanted to find God and that I am sure his life was a search for God. Moon in the 9th house tells me this.

3. The sextile between Mars in the 2nd and Sun in the 4th

The sextile is a gift. An effortless gift is the trine. A gift in which one must put forth some effort is a sextile. Hence, Travis had an easy flow between his Mars( goals, drives) and his Sun( ego, sense of self) The sectile is the fuel to deal with the two quincunxes. Let’s see if we can put this all together.

The Yod–Summary

Travis’ goal was to find God.He was to take his gifts in making money and his ego and use all of these to find God. That is where his heart was. It is very sad what happened.

Neptune Retrograde in the 8th House

Neptune in the 8th House can fog one’s ability to face one’ s taboo emotions and sexuality. If we put his Mars conjunct Lilith together with this, we may a person whose primal passions were fogged to him, although he was driven by them. That seems to be what happened when we look from the outside. Neptune Retrograde seems to be a person who has to experience God for himself. The Retrograde planet must delve into the planet domain as a rat in a maze. Each part has to be explored before the rat can find his way out. That is what Retrogrades are like, to me. So, for Neptune Retrograde( which I have) one must find God but it must be in one’s own way as a solitary journey taken with independent thought. In other words, one must experience God for oneself.

Venus oppose Eros Retrograde

When Venus touches Eros, we have an erotic Venus. However, with the opposition and Eros Retrograde, we may have a person who struggles with the erotic side of himself rather than accepts it as part of the many facets of love.

Next, I will look at the synastry between Jody and Travis.


Sorry for typos. I will be back.


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    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much, DLW. It is hard to know sometimes if it is well written because one gets too close. Your comment means a lot to me <3

  1. amiannLesley

    I feel sadness when I look at their eyes. They are very soulful. Like they should be together. Ami, everyone of these articles are so very well written and so very educational. I learn bits and pieces of myself in them(not always flattering, BTW). I have venus conjunct ceres in Taurus, and someone I know has their vertex conjunct the sun. I do feel I want to give them love.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Ok–Ceres is very potent. Love is very powerful, even if it is not actual love but just looks like it is *sigh*
            E mail me and tell me how that situation is going, Lesley dear.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you about the articles. I think I always try to teach and to make learning interesting. That is naturally behind all of the articles I do. I craved that when I was learning Astrology and there was little of it. Many authors try to show how smart and esoteric they are. I don’t like this.

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