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The North Node in the Natal Chart

The Nodes are fascinating. The South Node(SN) is that which we have mastered. People who believe in past lives believe one mastered it in a past life. Since I am a Bible believer and believe in one life, I believe it is a place of ease. It is like comfy shoes, worn in, the nooks and crannies, known. The SN and North Node(NN) are opposite by sign and house. One feels comfortable with the house and sign of the SN. One feels challenged by the house and sign of the NN as it is outside of our comfort zone, just as the SN is within our comfort zone.If one wants to know where one is going, one can check the NN, by house and sign. It is quite amazing how accurate it is. I find it unerring in it’s accuracy. I will write an article on the NN in all the signs and all the houses, if you are interested.

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