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The Seventh Step to Understanding House Rulers

We will look at OTHER House Rulers in the 2nd House and see what that means.To review: when Rulers of OTHER Houses are in the 1st house, the native wants to LOOK as if he has the domain of the residing House Ruler in his IMAGE.( This holds true for all the House Rulers in the 1st House except for House 8 and 12. In the latter, the person would like to keep these hidden domains hidden, but the 1st House makes them visible.)Keep these key words in mind,and you will be able to do House Rulers in the 1st House,in the easiest way.

Now, on to the 2nd.When the 2nd House Puts IT”S Ruler in to another House, we make our money FROM the domain of the House to which the Ruler of the 2nd goes and resides.

R of 1st in the 2nd—You want to make money badly. You want material security, very badly.

R of 2 in 2–the material, practical realm of life such as housing and basic financial needs are important

R of 2 in 3 One may make money by communication, writing or verbal, but it will be more of casual writing than intellectual

R or 2 in 4–one may make money from childcare, catering, real estate, home decorating or other “home” kind of industries

R of 2 in 5–one may make money from hobbies or creative pursuits

R of 2 in 6 One may make money from a practical service type of job such as car mechanic, hair dresser etc

R of 2 in 7–one may make money from something to do with marriage such as marriage counseling or writing books on relationships

R of 2 in 8–one may make money from exploring taboos such as a shrink or uncovering taboo subjects such as a detective

R of 2 in 9–one may make money from higher ed, travel, astrology or spirituality

R of 2 in 10–one may money from a traditional career

R of 2 in 11–one may make money from groups, such as organizations that do charity work abroad

R on 2 in 12—one may make money from working in underground or” off the beaten path” from society kinds of places such as hospitals, hospices and institutions

7 thoughts on “The Seventh Step to Understanding House Rulers

      1. amiannDL

        now that is very complicated 🙂

        since i want money (ruler of 1st in 2nd) but dont put much value to it (saturn in 2nd in pisces) so i think that planets influence is stronger here (its also my chart ruler)

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, this is the thing about House Rulers, DL. Other things may modify them. The Master Astrologer, of which I am not one, must weigh all facets and all factors. However, one must learn each factor, separately, for learning purposes. It is like a classical musician. He must know all the notes, scales etc before he can make it fly with the beauty of the music.

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