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The Signs With The Biggest Egos

goth with cigI got a request from Sue Goode to write this. Please, help me out with what YOU think are the biggest egos. That way, I can blame you when people get mad at me 😀

57 thoughts on “The Signs With The Biggest Egos

  1. amiannpeach33

    I seen too many sun and or pluto square ascendant aspects that absolutely will not allow any humility in approach or discourse. Also mars square pluto aspect… oh also pluto conjunct ascendant.

          1. amiannpeach33

            I’ve noticed scorpio suns with air moons more so with gemini n aquarian moons than libra, too have extreme egos. Very combative. Particularly men.

  2. amiannnick

    This is an placement not a sign but Seeing friends with Sun conjunction Jupiter the Ego is huge ! and sometimes over flated. Larger then life personalities.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Nick. Great info Just what I was looking for. My impression of these natives were that they had a nice way about them and not a huge, obnoxious ego. What do you think?

  3. amiannLesley

    Leo, Leo and LEO!!! I have never met one that doesn’t crave the limelight. They can be great people, but do Not try to upstage them. This may sound a little simplistic, but it is just my opinion.

          1. amiannpeach33

            Well not gonna deny… the limelight I can easily resonate in that lane because I’m in the entertainment field, yet also feel detached from it too at the same time. I do love to socialize and intermingle with people in outings. Taking the lead at times, falling back at times.. but truly I’m a introvert whom enjoys solitude time and doesn’t desire a crowd. But when I am out a switch is flipped and I love to laugh and have fun with friends or new people I meet. I believe my Sagittarius moon gives me that more philosophical and easy going and flighty nature though lol!

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Wow Peach. Stick on the degrees. We must have conjunct things. I am Gem Sun 28, gem Merc 21, Gem Venus 9. Cancer Moon 8, cancer Mars 16 Libra ASC–12.

      1. amiannLaura

        Lol. I have lots of Leo ASC friends… I don’t think their ego’s are incredible big, but they all do have slightly narcistic tendencies & dream of great things 😉
        The Leo Suns I know (I am a leo too btw) are much more modest.., or at least the girls are.

  4. amiannbobo

    Since I’m still rather new to the deeper intricacies of astrology, I’ll keep my musings on this mostly limited to sun signs alone. I think that at first glance most people would imagine any sun or asc in a fire sign to be a person with a rather large ego. I guess this makes sense since fire signs usually catch our attention, or seem to stand out in a crowd more than most.

    I’ve heard a lot that Leos can have rather large egos being that the sun, being their ruler, is also often seen as representing the ego. In my experience, however, I haven’t seen this as so much of a sign of having a large ego so much as their egos are simply more apparent to others. In fact, I’ve met a lot of Leos who have a great deal of humility, and I’ll often notice an internal conflict in that they are aware that their egos appear “brighter” to others, yet they often have difficulty expressing as much since their natural state is to be the brightly shining center of attention.

    Aries, especially male Aries whom I have more experience knowing, do seem to me to have fairly large egos. It isn’t always so much that they think more highly of themselves than others, but rather their cardinal fire way of relating to people seems to be fueled largely by ego. I think the most notable personality trait of Aries males I’ve noticed is an air of arrogance. That is, they will be fully convinced they are right on a matter, even when evidence or even facts would suggest otherwise. I have noticed as well, that this trait can often be balanced by an ability to be personally engaging with others in a way that does not come off, generally, as egotistical. I suppose that the most apparent value of egoism I’ve seen in Aries men is that any debate of either fact or opinion will surely carry behind it the full force of an Aries man’s ego, which can actually be a strong, positive trait when he is right.

    I can’t say I’ve known many Sag suns that appear to have very large egos. Perhaps the mutable disposition of this fire sign makes it more readily apt to displaying a more humble way of adapting to the egos around them.

    I wish I was more knowledgeable about mars placements in the people I’ve known, since I think that mars would be a better indicator of where a person’s ego is present beneath the more apparent surface. Where you really get to knowing a person’s ego is not so much what they project most often. In my opinion, that seems to me to have more to do with where a person might have found a comfortable niche in surface interaction with others. What seems to me to be a better indicator of a person’s actual ego would be where they are unable to disconnect their own interests, feelings, or pride from the outside world. If, for example, you suppose a person is generally able to display a healthy amount of humility in regular conversation, but if you were to bring up something related to their occupation you suddenly see that they can not help but take anything said about that field as a direct commentary on them personally. That is where the ego is tied so closely to personal emotions that a person is unable to detach themselves, even if they normally are not imposing or prone to taking things personally.

    An example, of one of the few people who’s mars placement I’m aware of, would be a sun Cancer man that I know. His mars placement is in Leo. Being a cardinal water sign, his emotions are very strong and he is inclined to trust them and work from them. At it’s best this affords him a sort of nobility in that his Cancer emotions are very empathetic in nature and tied closely to the protection of others and what is right. His mars being in Leo, though, gives him an overwhelming drive to express a more masculine side that his emotions sometimes seem to find him estranged from. I’ve noticed this a lot in men with feminine sun signs. They are generally very emotional and compassionate, yet society’s skewed gender paradigms have often imposed on them that a man is not “supposed” to be emotional. So I’ve often seen his masculinity, and ego, threatened by the fact that his primary, emotional traits are based more in the feminine, and he often feels that he does not know how to express and embrace his more latent, and sometimes repressed Mars in Leo masculinity.

    Moving on from that, I would have to conclude that my subjective stance is that Aquarius, by far has the largest ego. This could be because I personally have so many Aquarius placements (sun, mercury, and moon) as well as the fact that I know my ego better than I do those belonging to anyone else. It is also worth noting that I have a Sag rising, which most definitely makes me inclined to draw attention to myself in social situations. This, combined with the Aquarian need to derive confidence from the attention and admiration of others, most especially friends (should I find myself able to retain any in light of this particular disposition in conjunction with a rather “stand-off ish, socially awkward, sometimes even anti-social psychological isolationism, sometimes most easily described as simply having a social anxiety disorder) often affords me the situation of relying upon expressing my deeper subjectivity as a primary means of interacting with the outside world. Unfortunately, this mode of expression often leaves little room for a preferable, more mutualistic way of exchanging thoughts and ideas. This isn’t always the case as I do feel I am, in fact capable of listening, considering, and empathizing with the perspective of others, but when it comes to really trying to relate my ideas as accurately and precisely as possible, I’ve often found I leave little room for the ideas of others. This is most definitely my ego. Since addressing this by attempting to encourage more humility in myself often finds me caught in one of two extremes, either completely introverted and listening while offering little of my own perspective or else entirely extroverted and expressing my thoughts more like a painter would focus on a painting rather than a person having a conversation, I’ve tried to at least balance this disposition by supposing that if I am going to express myself in such a domineering matter, it is of great importance that I make every effort to be right as often as possible.

    This may be a sign of my Mars in Libra conjunct Saturn, which is conjunct Pluto. I have a strong drive, obviously tied deeply to my ego, to be right. Not just to be recognized as being right, but more so to actually be right from my own best objective determination. This then results in expressing a whole lot of different perspectives and angles as I feel that sometimes being “right” is more about acknowledging the multiplicity of possibility rather than focusing on one rigid, conclusive stance. In case it isn’t painfully clear by now this also means I tend to get rather wordy when wanting to express something that I feel deserves to be expressed clearly and accurately.

          1. amiannbobo

            Thanks, but that’s just my attempt at realizing humility, 😉 that and knowing that there is much I still don’t know.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I have Leo raising, but I wouldn’t call my ego “big.” It’s quite the opposite.
    Isn’t there something called “afflications” where a placement can have the exactly
    OPPOSITE affect?

  6. amiannBrian

    Sun sign-wise: Leo, Aries (because the sun is in domicile or exalted in these signs), and probably any sun sign conjunct an angle (because it will be more prominent)

    Moon sign-wise: Leo (known a few, none of whom couldn’t act without wanting attention)

    Rising sign-wise: Libra (known a few, too. They make it all about themselves–“look how great I am doing what I do for others,” etc.)

      1. amiannBrian

        Oh, Ami, Ami, lol… we’ve been through this before on FB…. You know my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Asc, and Venus already….. my Mars shall remain a mystery until that blog or discussion comes up.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I have to be very honest( even when it makes me look bad) When someone dissed my Libra ASC, I felt badly. In fact, I have felt weird ever since, wondering if it was true 🙁

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Interesting, Brian. A puzzle. Hmmm. I will have to wait because I can’t feel out the Mars. Does your Mars aspect Neptune? The thought just floated in.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Wow Brian. I could feel something sweet in you.It was that. I bet you have a go getter Mars though, maybe Aries. It does not feel like Scorpio. Hmmmm–Want to give me a hint?

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            Yankee Doodle went to town
            A-riding on a pony
            He stuck a feather in his hat
            And called it macaroni

            Yankee Doodle, keep it up
            Yankee Doodle dandy
            Mind the music and the step
            and with the girls be handy!

            Father and I went down to camp
            Along with Captain Gooding
            And there we saw the men and boys
            As thick as hasty pudding.

            And there was Captain Washington
            And gentle folks about him
            They say he’s grown so tarnal proud
            He will not ride without them.

            How is there a Mars in this, Brian?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am not saying this for myself because I am swimming in charts, at any given time, Brian, but if you want to put your chart in my Personal Readings Forum, you can. There is no charge, of course. You can ask any questions you would like. Just an offer if you would like!

  7. amiannferryleaf

    Weird…I guessed Brian’s Mars right! (Before the Yankee Doodle clue. lol)

    But then, I am a Taurus with a Cappy best friend, and there was just something about Brian’s playful/suave/flirty/confident energy that said Cap Mars to me. 😀

    Cap Mars type energy, to me, is like a sexy, calm, patient wink. (When they’re feeling playful and warmed up. But Caps I think are often more playful, deep down, than people realize. Most types just don’t “read” their humor and recognize it as such.)

  8. amiannferryleaf

    *patpat* Aw Ami. As a fellow Libra rising, don’t worry too much. All of we Libra ASC’s know that everyone else is just jealous. 😉 (-she said, without ego…) xD

    Seriously though, I’m kidding. I find most Libra rising descriptions a bit…fantastical in their flattery. lol Like, seriously? “You won the rising sign lottery” ??? (Something I read, pertaining to Libra ASC folks, on an actual site.)

  9. amiannLon Spector

    Planets in fire signs and in the 5th house would also determine how big a person’s
    ego is. Uranus would? Also, what if the 1st house is empty? Casey Anthony’s 1st house
    is empty.

  10. amiannLon Spector

    Isn’t the 5th house the “pleasure house?” It’s also the Sun’s (Leo’s) natural house.
    Any extravertish agressive type planet there would make for a boisterious ego.
    People would be outgoing with these placements. Also Uranus is a shocking, outrageous
    planet that screams “Notice me!” Uranus in the 12th like I have, doesn’t want to be
    “out there.” Uranus in the 5th, like Casey Anthony has DOES want to be out there.
    That’s why she probably IS suffering.

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