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The South Node—Revisited

The SN gets a bad rap by Astrologers who believe in reincarnation, in my humble opinion. They seem to dispense with the SN as some kind of force which seeks to hold one back, or imprison one, in the past. I beg to differ. One needs to embrace that with which one is comfortable. One needs the old with which to reach for the new, the North Node. One must use all one’s talents and areas of ease, as one strives to reach goals, which are slightly out of one’s reach. The NN is, usually, more than slightly out of one’s reach, as it is aspirational. It is like a 2 karat canary diamond. I had a friend who had one. It was so big as to appear fake. My thought was about how the diamond was aspirational for all diamond lovers, but few would attain it. The NN is a beacon, calling one forward. The NN will, always, call one forward. The NN is present in our fears. The sign and house of the NN will be that to which we aspire. The sign and house on the SN is that to which we have attained: that which we use with ease. I wanted to write this, as I feel Astrologers who dismiss the SN as antiquated, are missing a gem in the person’s natal chart. This is my opinion of the situation, anyway.

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