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The South Node— Your Comfort Zone

Is there anything wrong with those comfy slippers? I picture the SN as the feeling when you come home, after a long day. You take off your restrictive clothes and put on comfy clothes. You sigh with the sheer comfort of being home. You can do the things of the SN, easily. You like the energy of the sign. You like the house. You are home, after all. Of course, the story does not stop there, as all things in Astrology have the yin and the yang. On the other end, opposite to the SN, is the NN. It is here that we tremble. We do not, willingly, enter the realm of the NN. Who wants to enter the lions den when one can sit on the outside, safe? The NN is not a lions den, in reality, but it feels like one. By sign and house, we do not know how to deal with the NN energy. These factors can be mitigated, in individual charts as some people have the NN in the same sign as the Sun. This is atypical, though. For most of us, our NN is aspirational, like a fine diamond. Do you want it enough to work for it?That is the question.

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