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The Sun—-Self Confidence

The Sun seems to show our native self confidence. The Sun shows our relationship to our father and men, in general. If one’s Sun has positive aspects, one is fortunate, indeed. One will have an depth in one’s relationship with oneself. One will feel connected to oneself. When troubles come, one will be able to put forth roots, as an old tree. Conversely, if one’s Sun is stressed, one will feel as if the earth is wavy, such as walking on logs. The Sun conjunct Saturn seems like one of the harder Sun aspects. Saturn is such a wet blanket. He makes one earn every penny and eat every piece of broccoli before one gets desert. However, for the person who will persevere, steadily, he will gain a wisdom and maturity, unlike the person who had an easier ride.Sun in the 12th seems like the hardest position of the Sun. The 12th House hides the light of any planet and the Sun loves to shine. Hence, the 12th House Sun feels as if he was put in the shadows. The struggle for the native to bring his light to fruition may be life long and difficult. The 12th House placement of any planet trumps the chart, for difficulty.It is like the shy child who holds back from joining the group as he expects rejection.What does one do if one has a Sun which shows lack of confidence? I suppose the first step is to know that it is not your fault.One’s chart is given from a Source, higher than onseself. The questions of why are unanswerable. However, knowing where one is beginning and knowing that one did not bring it on oneself, is a good start. Also, I contemplate which is worse, an easy chart where the person does not find God or a hard chart where the person does? My opinion is the latter, although I wish one could have an easy chart and find God, too. However, that seems like the rarity.

6 thoughts on “The Sun—-Self Confidence

  1. amiannStawr

    I’m an Aries Sun house 11. I feel blessed for my sextile Mars aspect.
    I have two stressful aspects, a square to Neptune and Uranus, so in this case it seems pretty lucky that my Neptune and Uranus are stationary rx making this a weaker aspect.

    Sometimes my life seems hard…but compared to a lot of people it seriously isn’t! But it’s not always as easy as it looks either. I don’t always get what I want…and certain subjects in school are very hard and have struggled with and barely got by in some classes.

    Most of my life I would say that my self esteem has been good…(had a few rough years and have my moments though)

    Also with my Sun in house 11, I’ve had some highs and lows with friends. They come, they go, some even come back, and some just never again. lol

    I also have Kleopatra, Tantalus, Photographica, Terpsichore conjunct sun.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow–I know Tantalus. That is supposed to make one feel as if things are always out of reach. I know a girl who has that on her Venus and relationships seem out of reach–lasting ones. How do you feel about Tantulus and you? xx

  2. amiannsweet-scorpion

    As you know, Ami, I have 0 aspects to my Sun. I feel lucky, though, to have it sextile my ASC near exact, and quintile my Mars, which seems like a hidden gift I’ll access one day. 🙂

    It’s hard to describe to people what the self-confidence is like when you have a Sun with no aspects. I’m lucky to have it in my 10th, like my idol Van Goh, as this gives me faith I was meant to shine brilliantly with hard work as an artist and writer of some kind.

    I can kind of see this one playing out as being so sure of yourself that it hurts – then not being sure of yourself at all. At least, that’s how it is for me. True to the description, I received little support or recognition from my dad growing up, I also felt like the loner and outsider in a special way when I was a child… people admired me and appreciated me… yet could never quite understand me, and I couldn’t understand them. I’m clearly the odd one out in the family, yet miraculously God blessed me in a good way with this, since I stand out positively, not negatively, seeing as they are mostly troubled souls.

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