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The Ten Most Rocking( Best) Astrological Placements.

Some of these are not the run of the mill “Best Placements”. Some are the typical ones. These are not in any order

1. Venus trine Moon

The man with this will charm the shoes off you and everything else, too. A man with this aspect will know what to say,when. You will feel special just being near him. He can go clothes shopping with you, paint your toenails, talk on the phone, all the while being macho as heck. Quite a feat.

If you feel incredible charm, check to see if he has this trine. This man may have most of his friends be woman. He loves woman. They know that and love him right back.

2. Jupiter Conjunct Venus

I call this “Big Love” This person glows with love. It is a joy to be in her presence because you feel the love and you feel energized and glowing yourself.

3.Ceres conjunct the ASC

This is the unconditional love aspect. The man with this will get woman without opening his mouth. If he does, she will feel his unconditional acceptance by his words. You can see it in his eyes. This aspect is a gift from your Fairy Godmother.

4.Sun trine Pluto

This makes for keen perception. This could be the Shakespeare aspect. Did Shakespeare need to get a Phd in Psych to understand people? No. He was a natural psychologist just as Pluto trine the Sun.

5. Mars in Scorpio

This is my favorite Mars placement as anyone knows who reads my site. They vibe sex. They are loyal. They make you feel like the most beautiful ( and desirable) woman on earth. What could be wrong with that? Mars is in it’s home in Scorpio. If you feel erotic vibes that are sent with subtle intensity, check out his Mars and see if he scores a home run on this.

6. Venus in Gemini

I love this placement. Venus plays. Venus is light and airy like a fairy from days of old. She has a sense of humor that will have you dying of laughter and she does not cling.

7. Moon in Cancer

The moon is one’s deepest heart. The moon is in it’s home in Cancer. This person is tender. She has the heart and soul of a poet, as well as being simply kind. There is a need for simple kindness in this day and age.She is loyal to a fault, if loyalty can have a fault and I don’t think it can.

8 Ceres conjunct the North Node

The purpose of this person’s life is to become an expert in unconditional love. One will feel it from him and one will want to be close so that the native will cast his warm glow on one—body and soul.

9. Unaspected Uranus

I love this placement and it is rare. This native is like an original Picasso. He will think for himself and make the crowd follow him, not the other way around. If you crave someone who is a truly unique individual, seek out an Unaspected Uranus. To put it simply, he is the opposite of a sheep( sheeple) which is so much a part of our current culture. I admire anyone who can go against political correctness. The Unaspected Uranus specializes in this.

10. Lilith or Eros Conjunct the ASC or MC. These natives are sexy. They give forth erotic vibes without even trying. If I see a chart with one of these, I always ask for a picture and I can see the raw sexuality and erotic vibes radiating out.



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