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The Ten Worst Astrological Placements

This is my opinion based on doing charts and picking people’s brains which is one of my hobbies. They are not in order of difficulty.

1.Chiron conjunct the ASC

Almost all cases of this has been severe bullying. The closer the degree, the worse.

2, Mercury combust the Sun( 1-5 degree orb)

These natives take everything OH so personally. Dealing with them is like dealing with a sunburn. Here, every degree counts. The people with the 4-5 degree orb are very different than those with the exact to 2 degree orb.To put it simply, you have to walk on eggshells around these people.

3. The Moon conjunct Dejanira

This would be my top worst placement. Every case but one has been a person with BPD. The one that was not had severe abuse, including sexual. This aspect seems to fragment a person. It is very sad and the single saddest placement I ever see in the chart.

4. Sun conjunct Saturn

This can severely hamper self confidence. It instills a core level of self doubt and insecurity. Again, the orbs are key. An exact conjunction would be very intense. An orb of 5 degrees or more would be ambient.

5. Nessus conjunct the ASC or North Node

In each case, Nessus breathes down the neck of these people such that they will be abusers until/if they get a hold of it. Only true spiritual measures will work, in my opinion.

6. The Child Asteroid Conjunct Dejanira

This aspect is Moon conjunct Dejanira “light”. It is the same kind of aspect but the abuse seems to be less severe.

7. Water Void

The Water Void is the hardest Void, in my opinion. Subtext is what you pick up under the surface with your emotional radar. Subtext is the central player in most communication.The Water Void misses MUCH subtext. Hence, they don’t seem to have satisfying relationships and don’t really know why. Low water is a less intense version of this. Low water would be generational planets in water.

8 Neptune conjunct the Sun

This often is the aspect of addiction. Neptune weakens the solidity of the self. It weakens the boundaries of the self. This is very painful and addictions often result.

9. Uranus square Mercury

I would put this aspect right up there with Moon conjunct Dejanira for difficulty. This aspect can make the person lose touch with reality. Do all people with this aspect do such? NO. However, it is an aspect that makes one more predisposed . The opposition would be the same effect except much easier.

10. 12th House Planets

This is one of the hardest things to have in the chart–bar none. It is because the planets are in their own world and it is not this, earth plane one. Every native with 12th house planets must fight a hard fight. It differs with each planet. Jupiter is the easiest and said to provide one with Divine Providence for not being hurt in accidents and barely escaping death. However, all other 12th House planets are hard. Some are harder than others. I have may articles on 12th house planets so will refer you to those for specifics.

30 thoughts on “The Ten Worst Astrological Placements

  1. amiannAkemi

    I have water void or perhaps low water chart as I only have Jupiter in cancer and Uranus in Scorpio. Rest of my planets are in earth, fire and air. However I am very emotional and sentimental. My eyes tear when I watch something sad on the news or hear music that strikes a chord in me. When I watch sad movies, I can cry buckets. I tend to avoid war movies because all the excessive killings and violence make me sad. I’m guessing it’s because I have grand trines connecting the water houses. My chart ruler is found in the 8th house. Maybe that makes me emotional despite the missing water links in my chart… What do you think?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, Jupiter in cancer is a wonderful place for Jupiter. This gives you empathy as does the 8th house placements. You don’t have a water void with jupiter in Cancer.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You have to see if they are REALLY in the 12th. Are they 10 degrees from the ASC. if so, they are conjunct the ASC. Let me know and we will go from there!

      1. amiannAkemi

        Then my Mars is in 12 th house and Saturn considered Conjunct ASC.

        My ASC is at 0 degree, Saturn is at 23 degrees (hence within 10 degrees from ASC) while Mars is at 11 degrees.

        Does the grand trines connecting all of my water houses translate as emotional as well?
        I can decipher one’s character, thoughts, motives and reaction very easily. It’s almost like I can “sniff out” what a person is made of…

  2. amiannBoswellia

    How close does the orb need to be with the asteroids to have an impact?

    Moon 3.13 conj. Dejanira 6.24
    Moon 3.13 conj. Nessus 2.9

    You didn’t mention Moon Conj. Nessus in your article, but wouldn’t this be also be quite significant? If the same individual has Saturn Rx, would it be likely the energy from this would be directed inward?

  3. amiannBoswellia

    If the 12th house planets are Conj. the ASC, within 10 degrees of ASC, then do you not look at them as 12th house planets?

  4. amiannDiana

    My sun is in the 12th house in Cancer & my Sun conjuncts my Mercury at 5?46′. I made two on the list! Lol. I find that my Sun conj. Mercury gets vastly better with time, which I believe has to do with the heavy Leo influence in my chart… however the 12th house sun continues to be a mystery to me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Diane, first of all, are these planets REALLY in the 12th house? If they are within 10 degrees of the ASC, they count as conjunct the ASC. Let me know and we will go from there, Friend.

      1. amiannDiana

        My Mars is 16?46 Leo and my ASC is 16?27 Leo, while my Sun falls at 21?04 in Cancer.. So does that make it conjunct the ASC? I’m an Astrology newbie and trying to learn as much as possible! Thanks for your help

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Why don’t you come and put up your chart in my Personal Readings forum and you can ask your question. Yes, mars is conjunct your ASC. You have drive and will go after what you want. I am not sure about your other question as I don’t really understand what you are asking, Friend

  5. amiannIo_juno_spirit

    “Nessus breathes down the neck of these people such that they will be abusers until/if they get a hold of it. Only true spiritual measures will work, in my opinion.”

    I have Nessu/NN conjunct and a stellium in Libra in 6th House. It says I’m under the service of humanity…. Therefore, how Nessus plays a role in my life?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow How close is your Nessus to yout NN. If it is within 3 degrees, I would count it. If not, I would not. Nessus conj the NN must learn the lessons of abuse. I would think he would be an abuser and from that, hopefully, learn to transmute that abusive nature into helping others.

      Does any of that fit, Lo?

      We can talk about the stellium later.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww Yo estudio Espanol. Me gusta, mucho, mucho. Escho musica por que me gusta mucho. Me gusta mehor Juanes and Elephante. 😀

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am sorry, Lo. I must look at 40 charts a day, so forgive me for not remembering. Well, I can’t change my POV if the words will sound harsh. Truth is love. For you, I would say this and you tell me if this is true. You may have had a very hard childhood. You may have mad a very hard rite of passage from teen to adult. It may have thrust you into darkness, but not totally! Your purpose in life is to heal this and to transmute this somehow. The trait of abuse will be part of it. I think you will abuse or want to very much until you can take this to God, hopefully, and turn it around for service. Does that sound right? xx

          1. amiannIo

            Hopefully, I like to help others and the happiness of others make me happy. I’m a happy person, with a strong persona. 😀

  6. amiannxari

    Do I have water void? I have no planet in water ( moon -in capricorn on the asc and cancer rulling 7th house cusp- does that comes close to smth watery? ) and what about north node in 12th house..since 12 th house is piscean? help please ^^

  7. amiannMimi

    I have Jupiter in 12th house. Is that bad? Does that mean I will never be aware of my happiness. It’s in Aquarius. Its aspects:
    – Trine Moon (1 degree)
    – Square Mars (Exactly)
    – Quincunx Sun (1.5 degree)
    – Sextile Saturn (6.5 degrees)
    – Trine Venus (8 degrees)

    Thanks <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter is one of the best to have in the 12th. It makes for a Divine Protection. Do you have many accidents but escape unharmed? Square Mars may make for bad timing or bad luck, so to speak. Do you have this. Trine Moon would make for a positive person with a great vibe.

  8. amiannMimi

    I only had 1 near death experiences. It was a car accident. The car was damaged but I only got a small blue mark on my right knee. It was 2 years ago. But it’s true, sometimes I feel really lucky. There were some freaky coincidences sometimes. In 5th grade, when I used to come home for lunchtime from school, the door would be locked and I always had my keys but I forgot to bring then like 2-3 times by mistake. And everytime I forgot to bring them, that same day, the door of the house would be unlocked. And there were many other coincidences like these in my life where I was lucky. But sometimes I also think I’m really unlucky in some cases, specially as I’m growing older, idk why. :/

      1. amiannMimi

        Yes, Jupiter is retrograde. And I forgot to mention that it is exactly conjunct part of fortune and quintile pluto (1*08 degrees).

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