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The Transits in the Astrological Chart of Edward Snowden On the Day He Blew The Whistle

This is another fascinating study, as are all Astrological studies.Transits refer to planets in the sky, at present. One looks at the natal chart and compares it to the planet’s placements in the sky today. Transits are a fascinating part of Astrology. One can become obsessed with them. The transits in the chart of Edward Snowden are a story in themselves.

We have no time of birth and this is a huge deficit when doing transit charts because we lose houses.Houses show parts of life such as your appearance, your body, your money, your home, your creativity, the way you perform service,your relationships, your inner primal nature, your intellectual sphere, your career, your friends and your most hidden, suppressed parts. I think I covered that. At any rate, we don’t know the PARTS/SPHERES of his life effected by the transits. We know the workings of what happened to him. We know the factors bearing down on him but not in what parts of life they hit him. That seems like the easiest way to explain it. The transits are quite spectacular that day. I will list them in the order that they struck me

Transit North Node conjunct Natal Moon

This one struck me as a punch to the stomach. One’s Moon is one’s deepest heart. Snowden’s Moon is in Scorpio which tells us that he feels things very deeply, too deeply. This is not a shallow person. No person with a Scorpio moon will be shallow. Most Scorpio moon natives wish they were not as intense as they are, even if they will not admit it and most won’t.

For Snowden, his deepest heart is being touched by his life purpose. His life purpose is hitting him in the face. He feels prodded to do what he came to earth to do. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say this.

Transit Saturn conjunct Natal Saturn( Saturn Return)

This aspect is a pivotal one as the person realizes that he is no longer a child. He has left childhood behind and must take on the mantle of adulthood with the maturity and seriousness inherent. Saturn returns can do strnage things to people as each person reacts differently to them. Snowden took on a task that even the most diehard hero would demure. He may die for it. I always thought that if anyone would bring down the tyranny we have currently, that person must be willing to die. The tyranny is becoming or has become that bad. Bless this fine man and pray for him, please,

Transist Mars Conjunct Mercury

This is a fascinating one. Lets discuss Mars conjunct Mercury in the natal chart. It is one of my favorite natal aspects. the native says what is on his mind. This is refreshing in this age of political correctness. This person will tell you the truth if you ask. I like that. That is in the natal chart. With transit, Mars is giving drive and assertion to Snowden’s Mercury. His Mars is telling him to go for it!

Transit Sun conjunct Natal Mars

This is similar to the one above. In this case, his ego and his sense of self is prodding his natal Mars to go for it, with all the gusto he as.

Transit Jupiter conjunct Natal North Node

This is my favorite one. My LL ace Astrology buddies and I were talking about if he will be killed. There were some indications that he might. However, this transit looks like a fairy godmother will be on his side. Jupiter is that godmother. It is touching his NN. His NN is his purpose. Godspeed, brave man!



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