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The Twelfth House Planet(s) Will Trump The Chart

The twelfth house planet(s) will pull one back to itself as a wound on the body will draws our attention. One cannot get on with daily life when one is in pain. The pain calls for healing. I think an astrologer must go focus on the 12th house . He must see which planets are there, first of all.Then, he must check asteroids. If a client has a Retrograde 12th house planet, that would intensify the effect of the 12th house. After one analyzes the planet, then one must look at the aspects that planet makes. Anything that 12th house planet touches, will be touched with the pain of the 12th house. In order to set a client free, the 12th house must be looked at, as if under a microscope, in my humble opinion.

6 thoughts on “The Twelfth House Planet(s) Will Trump The Chart

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Finding the way out of emotional pain is one of my quests. I think the answers may be simple, but the path is hard, as the doing of them is hard. I bet you know what I mean, Rishi. Do you?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, I have my own theories, based on right brain trauma theory, that we must feel our pain, and take it in, and cry about it. Then, and only then, can it truly leave, and stop plaguing us.

  1. amiannBoswellia

    Hi Ami,

    This is quite profound information in this article. Thank you for sharing. This helps me to understand a little more clearly why my oldest son is strugging with addiction. He has his Moon and Venus in the 12th. His Venus is conj. is ASC…. all in Leo. It is all so heartbreaking. ; (

    What is your perspective of Mars in the 12th house, when it is Conjunct Vesta?

    Also, Mars is Square Pluto in the 8th house….. your perspective on this, please….?

    Thank You

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Venus con the ASC is a good thing and not in the 12th house. 10 degrees away from the ASC counts as conjunct the ASC. Mars in the 12th is super hard for anyone, particularly a guy as their drive is super muted and they get passive aggressive. Vesta conj Mars would be someone who is selfless which could be good but not in the 12th house.

      Mars sq Pluto is thought to be a cruelty aspect

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