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The Unaspected Moon—-From Emotional Mutant to Emotional Genius

I was bemoaning the sadness of an Unaspected moon until I had a profound understanding . I will share it. You take what you will. An Unaspected Moon cannot access his own feelings as his feelings are THE part of him which is buried. Remember, each Unaspected Planet buries something.Please, keep this in mind when dealing with Unaspected Planets. Venus buries love. Pluto buries power. The Moon buries feelings.The Sun buries identity. Uranus buries individuality and extreme creativity. Neptune buries anything from the next world, which could be psychic gifts, artistic gifts or mysticism. Saturn buries achievement of goals and maturity. Back to the Moon.The Unaspected Moon is born with the situation of being lost to his feelings. He does not have normal connection with his feelings. Feelings are our compass.One will be misshapen without access to feelings.That is the long and short of it. One is a mutant. However, one can unearth the Unaspected Planet and become a prodigy in the domain of the planet. This is what I realized yesterday.The emotional mutant can become the emotional genius.


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12 thoughts on “The Unaspected Moon—-From Emotional Mutant to Emotional Genius

  1. amiannraymond89

    Hello I find your thoughts on unaspected planets very interesting. I myself have an unaspected moon in cancer in the eighth house. I resonate with a lot of what you have said on an unaspected moon.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are very special because is is one of the most rare Unaspected planets. The person is a special gift to others but does suffer from her own, very . very sensitive nature

          1. amiannLesley

            This is how God wants me. But it can be very painful. But people do tend to open up their feelings to me, which I feel is a bit of an honour.

  2. amiannPixie

    Hello, I too, have an unaspected moon in cancer, but in the 4th house. I agree with you lesley, on the feeling different, and feeling TOO much, it gets a bit unbearable at times, but it is nice when other people open up to you & u can lend kind advice.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Pixie
      I have an Unaspected Moon Support group if you would like to come and talk. Mine is almost Unaspected–a 7-8 degree aspect only. The true Unaspected Moon is very, very sensitive and very hard for the person.

  3. amiannPixie

    Hello, thank you, i would love to join what’s the website? that is unaspected with only one aspect, mine has no aspects. Ur right on about that description i can relate.

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