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The Unaspected Planet’s House—The Part of Life in Which It Will SHINE

The Unaspected Planet is part of the native’s destiny. It is one of his callings. The particular Unaspected Planet was given to the native as a gift from His Creator. The native has a rare gift. I have addressed the traits of the Unaspected Planets in several articles. However, I have not talked about the House. I lost the forest for the trees in this one. Lets examine the Houses . Each House represents a sphere of life. There is an order to the Houses as there is to all parts of Astrology

The first House is the House of the Exterior Self. Anything that impinges on the external self will be a domain of the First House. The First House rules how you look, how you perceive life i.e your particular bent when looking from out from behind your own body to the world.

The Second House is the House of all material exigencies. It rules money and housing. It is the House that deals with one’s material needs in the physical world.

The Third House is the House of communication.It rules casual communication by the written word and by oral means. The communication of the Third House is not of an intellectual nature as much as of a casual, chatty nature. The Third house is the house of casual, friendly kinds of relationships.

The Fourth House is the House of the early home.It reveals the nature of one’s early home. It reveals the tone of one’s early home. Was it warm? Was it aloof? All will be shown by the Fourth House and aspects to it’s ruler. The Fourth House represents one’s current home, too. If one wants to see what is happening with one’s current home, one can look at the Fourth House.

The Fifth House is the House of Play. I am awestruck at how wonderful God is to give us all these spheres of life and not to forget play. The Fifth House is all things fun. The Fifth House rules all things we create. As such, is is the House of Children, too. It is the House of Romance but not committed relationships. God made us for romance which would head for marriage and then sex. The Fifth House is Romance.The Seventh House is Marriage. The Eighth House is sex and deep bonding emotionally and sexually as would happen after marriage.The Sixth House is the House of Service. It is also the House of Health. The Seventh House is the House of Marriage.It rules commitment. It rules the bond of making a commitment to your beloved. It is scary to do so. However, it brings a level of maturity that will never be realized without it imo. There is something powerful one realizes when one crosses that bridge from the self to the couple. The Seventh House deals with this level of commitment which is not valued in our current times as it was in older times. However, the crux of the Seventh House embodies just this. It cannot be cheapened by living together situations although I will be criticized for saying this. Marriage cannot be equated to living together.Living together has not made that legal commitment which is inviolable in that one has to struggle to get out of it. As such, it counts for something.

The Eighth House is the House of Sexuality, Joint Finances and Soul Mate Emotional bonding and Soul Mate Sexuality. Soul Mate Sexuality is very different than Romance. Romance is easy and breezy. Romance is wonderful for that very quality. However, it does not have the seriousness of the marriage commitment. Romance does not have the depth of Soul Mate Sexuality and the Emotional Bonding which results. I hope you can see the distinct differences in the Houses as we explore them in this way.

This will help when we get back to the Unaspected Planet which is the topic of this article. The Ninth House is the House of the Intellect and Higher Thought. If the Third House is early education, the Ninth House is college. The Ninth House deals in all Higher Thought and also Long Distance Travel as travel expands one’s mind. The Ninth House rules Astrology which is the essence of Higher Thought if you have studied it. The Ninth House native will be a true intellectual as opposed to a pseudo one. The native with a strong Ninth House does not have to brag about his knowledge. He knows who he is as it is as natural part of him as breathing. His life is an exploration of the vast intellectual realms and he is at home in their highways and byways.

The Tenth House rules society and career as most people must have a career in order to function in society. The Sixth House rules those careers which are more practical such that they meet a practical real world need such as hairdresser, mechanic, teacher and nurse. The Tenth House is more of a professional career in society but there will be an overlap, as you can see. The Sixth House connotes more of a hands on job such as a nurse although no one would doubt that a nurse is a profession and a career so one must focus on the hands on aspect of the Sixth House. The Tenth House rules one’s place in society. Natives with a strong Tenth House care of their reputations a great deal. They care to be part of the proper social class even if they will not admit it. A strong Tenth House native( with afflictions ) may be a social climber for example. At any rate, the Tenth House rules society, one’s place in society and one’s profession.

The Eleventh House is the House of Hopes and Dreams. It is the House of Groups. It rules caring for others outside our immediate border. The Eleventh House native may love humanity but not like the touch of the common man as he thinks himself to be superior. There is an air of feigned superiority in some Aquarians. Aquarius is the natural ruler of the Eleventh House. The Aquarian may help a child far away while his own child lacks a hug or a warm place on his lap. Each House rules a sphere of life. As such, other spheres of life may suffer.

The Twelfth House is the last House in the Astrological Wheel. The Twelfth House is spoken of in whispers. It is the House of the true unknown as in death. The 12th House is the House of the next dimension. One may enter the next dimension through creativity such as the trance of one caught up in the spell of beautiful music. The next dimension rules mystical states as one may have when one surrenders one’s life to God. One may enter the next dimension through drugs and alcohol,too. The Twelfth House is the House of the next world, at any rate. A strong Twelfth House native will have an other worldly feeling about them. Back to the Unaspected Planet and it’s House. Study the House in which your Unaspected Planet falls. You were destined for greatness in this House. How that will manifest specifically will depend on how much you are able to unearth your planet. Then, you must take the planet to the world, in the sphere of life ruled by the House in which your Unaspected Planet resides.





2 thoughts on “The Unaspected Planet’s House—The Part of Life in Which It Will SHINE

  1. amiannRee

    I have two semi-unaspected planets. The Moon, in the 2nd house, and Mars, in the 4th house. I dream of being a singer/song-writer/writer and I was wondering if Moon in 2nd could indicate that (since the 2nd house also rules the voice)? It’s only aspect is to Venus, conjunct (Venus is also in the 2nd). What do you think?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Ree
      Hmmm well, I am learning to sing. My teacher says that anyone can learn to sing, contrary to popular opinion. I think you should follow your passion. That is the clearest way to find your purpose and your destiny. God put your passion in you, so that you would follow it imho

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