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The Unaspected Planets—Why Do Some People See Them was Wild and Others See Them as Wonderful?

This question has been in the back of my mind. When I talk to people about Unaspected Planets, some will say that the Unaspected Planet is not a good thing. Some will laugh at the idea of Unaspected Planets being buried treasure as if the idea is akin to comparing garbage to diamonds. I think I found the bridge. It makes sense. Astrology always will make sense when one finds the key. Astrology is as logical as any classical science, in my experience. Back to Unaspected Planets. The Unaspected will be a sore thumb until the person takes it above ground and makes it find it’s destiny.It’s destiny is to be a genius. However,it can stay a baby having tantrums when it does not get his rattle. That is the reason people see Unaspected Planets so differently. One person sees the coal and says it could not possibly be a diamond. The other sees the diamond and doubts it was ever coal. That is the reason the Unaspected Planets have such different reputations with different people. The reputation is based on the person’s lens. I do not think you can really understand the workings of an Unaspected Planet if you do not have one.I have an unaspected Venus by all Astrology standards as nothing is closer than 10 degrees except the quincunx which does not count with 99% of Astrologers. Most of what I understand is from inside. There is precious little out there to help you get behind the eyes of an Unaspected Planet so I try to do so.

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