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The Unaspected Pluto–A Scene from Schindlers List

The Unaspected Pluto will have to deal with power .His lesson is to learn to wield it as a surgeon wields a scalpel: using wisdom and discretion. That is the task of an Unaspected Pluto. One scene in Schindlers shows the lessons of power. Most especially, it shows someone who was both powerful and humble —Schindler. That made him great and a master in the wielding of power. I will see if I can find it as it will explain in few words what I am stumbling on with many. I can’t find the scene on U Tube. Ralph Fienes is using his power to demean someone. Schindler says that a great man has the power but chooses not to use it and that is what makes him great. SP, my ace researcher and dear friend, found this scene which explains what I meant but not as well as the other.If anyone can find the other scene, please link it to me.







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