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The Unique Yearning of Planets Conjunct the Descendent

red nails girlI must look at 50 charts a week. I have to see a pattern long enough to formulate a working theory on it. My theories are based on the experience of my clients, my Forum members or the people at I have been seeing the same pattern over and over for planets( or asteroids) conjunct the DSC. It is a unique kind of struggle. It is a unique kind of pain.

When planets( or asteroids) conjunct the ASC, we have a mixed bag. Some are beneficial. Some make for a hard struggle. Most people would want Eros conjunct the ASC. That makes the native erotic. Most people would want Lilith conjunct the ASC. That gives the native a raw sexuality. Most people would want Sappho conjunct the ASC. That bestows the native with an erotic vibe mixed with refinement such as a Jackie O.

The Moon conjunct the ASC gives an emotional openness, which is very pleasing. This is supposed to confer good looks, too. Pluto conjunct the ASC gives personal power and an air of authority. Jupiter conjunct the ASC gives charisma.The Sun conjunct the ASC gives confidence. Venus conjunct the ASC gives beauty and grace. Mars conjunct the ASC gives assertiveness. Hence, we see the blessings inherent.

When we talk about the ASC in this way, we could say the same for the MC. The difference is that the MC is related more to the wider society and career. The ASC is related more to your daily life. The ASC is more personal. The MC is more global. Other than that, you can interchange what I say for one, to the other.

I can talk from personal experience about a Moon placement conjunct the MC. I have Cancer Moon conjunct the MC, exact. I am very open about myself on my website. This would be a career issue or a societal issue, as it is not my personal life, per se. My personal life would be the ASC.

I have Moon square the ASC( 3 degrees). It is harder to be as open in my daily life as I am on here. The square makes it such. That is simply the Angle placement. (The Angles are the ASC, IC, DSC and MC) So, one should check the ASC and the MC and know that one is going to SEE the planets or asteroids which conjunct these angles.

I have given a few examples of beneficial planet placements conjunct the ASC and MC. It can be very hard when a hard planet or asteroid conjuncts these angles. I will give an example. Chiron conjunct the ASC is the single hardest place to have Chiron.The second hardest place would be conjunct the MC.Chiron conj the ASC seems to indicate severe bullying in almost all cases. Chiron conj the MC seems to be pain for all to see. How sad. One of my friends with Chiron conjunct the MC was severely obese. This would be a classic example of the world seeing one’s pain.

Lets talk about some hard planets and asteroids conjunct the ASC. Saturn conj the ASC is a hard childhood. The childhood is filled with deprivations. The child must grow up early. This position may give teeth or bone problems, as well.

Neptune conjunct the ASC is another kind of hard. This makes one feel a loss of identity. One may feel as if one is a ghost, with the wind blowing through where a solid ego should be. These natives are very attractive in an ethereal way. The, often, have beautiful eyes, too.

If we want to continue to talk about hard asteroids, we could start with Nessus. This would be the asteroid of the abuser. We could point to Dejanira. This is the asteroid of the victim. We could look at the fixed star Algol, which could be called the “serial killers’ fixed star. Are all people with Algol conjunct the ASC serial killers? No, but I would say that all people with this placement will be plagued with evil thoughts, as if there is a Twighlight Zone episode playing in their heads

Sedna conjunct the ASC will show betrayal by the father and later other men. Medusa will show betrayal by women due to Medusa’s vanity. She will want to exact revenge on men. Echo conjunct the ASC would be a person who feels voiceless. You can transfer all of these to the MC with a very similar interpretation, as I said earlier.

Now, let’s get to the subject of our article, which is the DSC. (My Mercury Retro makes me build a brick by brick foundation for everything. It is how Mercury Retro thinks.) Hence, we have talked about the ASC and MC. We will skip the IC for this article and go right to the DSC.

The DSC is the cusp of the 7th house. The 7th house is the first House that brings in a partner in a serious way. The 5th House would be dating, The 7th House is when you make a serious commitment to someone outside of yourself. Hence, the DSC is unique in this. Herein, lies our problem. It is the struggle between the self and the other. This is every man’s struggle. However, the person with planets conjunct the DSC finds it VERY, VERY hard. For the native with many planets conjunct the DSC, this is probably one of the hardest issues of his life. Hence, lets talk about some specific planets and asteroids conjunct the DSC and what they mean.

Lets start with some planets. If one has the Moon conj the DSC, one may look for deep emotions in the partner but not be able to access one’s own. If one has the Sun conjunct the DSC, one may look for one’s identity in the partner. This could be called a classic co-dependent aspect, if we want to put a modern term to it. If one has Mars conjunct the DSC, one may look to his partner to do his dirty work. If one has Pluto conjunct the DSC, one may not be able to access one’s own primal passions but look for the partner to give them to him. If one has Jupiter here, one may look to the partner to bring joy and a sense of well being. If one has Saturn here, one may look to the partner to be a parental figure. If one has Neptune here, one may look to the partner to provide spirituality.

Let’s look at a few asteroids conjunct the DSC. If one has Nessus here, one may deny one’s own abusive traits but find them in an abusive partner. This would be called ‘reaction formation” to use a Psych term. It is a strange defense mechanism. I remember thinking it was so weird when I first studied it. I thought, “whaaaaaa????” However, I started to try to see it in real life. I did and I will try to explain it to you. It exactly fits into the angst of the person with planets conjunct the DSC, which is the subject of this article.

I will give an easy example and one we have all seen in daily life. Have you ever seen a person who was SO adamant about a topic and later turned out to have the issue or problem. There is the classic example of the Christian pastor who condemns homosexuals with a ferocity. He is later found out to be gay. There is the man who condemns pornography in the same way. He is found to be addicted to pornography. These are clear examples of reaction formation but there are more subtle examples that we all encounter.

I seem to run into the same person over and over. She is usually a woman who acts perfect, not a flaw and not a stain. However, inside she is the Wicked Witch of the West. This would be reaction formation because this kind of person denies ANY evil impulses but sees them in others. We, each, probably have a certain type of person who plagues us. We probably have our own form of reaction formation, too. God put the defense mechanisms in people so people would not die. They are there to absorb pain.

Back to the DSC, planets on the DSC are disowned by the person and sought in the partner. That is what brought me to the topic of reaction formation. You can take any planet or asteroid and see how it will effect the person by remembering about Reaction Formation. It may not be as severe as this but it will help you to remember the struggle and the angst of planets conjunct the DSC.

I look forward to hearing your personal stories, as always.


14 thoughts on “The Unique Yearning of Planets Conjunct the Descendent

  1. amiannLesley

    Hi, I don’t have Neptune conjunct the ascendant, but that description describes me exactly. I must have some asteroid lurking around somewhere mimicking that aspect. Seriously, I can speak and people talk over me as if I’m saying nothing. Or people automatically assume that if there is anything important to be done that I can’t do it. My moon is pretty well unaspected. Could this explain it?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, another great asteroid call by the kid 😀
      Yep, this would mean that you are voiceless in society. I have a lot of info on Echo because I have her conjunct my Saturn by 2 degrees, I think. I would say that the foremost personal goal is to have my authentic voice. It sounds liek the same for you, Lesley! xxx

      1. amiannLesley

        That was a great call! Are there many people like that in society? I feel that I have a lot of insight into many matters that are very valid. This has always caused me so much frustration. But on a brighter note, I can sometimes reach people on a one to one basis. This may be my authentic voice. It sounds like you may find a one to one approach better too. I also wonder if this is why I put so much effort into my physical appearance, as people comment on that more often. They can’t seem to find anything else to compliment me on.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aww Lesley
          I have made my own program for finding my authentic voice. I try to use it. I try to be true to myself. In doing so, you will have people come against you, as people fear an individualistic person. Echo is a loss of true voice. Anything that can combat this will help.

          1. amiannLesley

            Yes! I always tell people that they may not like what I say, but it comes from place of honesty(anti-politically correct). Especially some “Christians” who use God to justify doing things that are unjustified.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I used to have a very extensive Astrological library. It must have been worth 1,000’s
    of dollars. I got all my information from books because I never had a computer till I was
    54. But I was never a “keeper” of things. I only held on to things for a while, and disgarded
    them. There was an unstable and “unruly” aspect to my personality. I can’t be consistant.
    So my great Astrological and (occult) library when into the trash. Why? Because I was
    depressed. It ain’t easy being ugly in these United States of America. People never let
    you forget it.
    If I had known that I would have gotton a computer one day, and that I would have made
    the acquaintece of a wonderful person like you, I would have kept my library and we’d
    have much information to share!

  3. amiannPhoenixPhoenicia

    Hi Ami!
    Interesting topic about planets conjunct DSC. I don’t know if it’s a curse to have Pluto and Saturn opposed my ASC (both with 4 and 5 deg), betrayal is something which I’ve always fear and loyalty is my priority. They are not in 7th house, but fall at the end of house 6. Casanova opposed my DSC as well with 3 deg, does this really count in my chart?
    I had only 2 serious relationships in my life, one of them with Neptune on DSC. You know, I was quite surprised when you mentioned that someone with Saturn on DSC will look to the partner to be parental figure. I’ve always wanted a man who can ‘father’ me while at the same time can allow my Moon-uranus square 1 deg express my individuality (or rebelliousness?) And it’s kind of strange to have the same pattern of dream since I was child about a man (stranger, don’t know who he is) who will walk beside me as if he wants to protect or rescue me from something. One time, it was heavy rain and I was alone under a big tree when this guy took my hand and I joined him under his umbrella. Another dream, a man took my backpack which is heavy and offer me to ride on his back which I refused. But he’s beside me all the time for a long walk. These are examples of many dreams I had about this stranger until my adult life now. The similarity? I couldn’t remember or see his face clearly because he’s taller than me, and the feeling of peace and serenity when he holds me close to him (even after I woke up, I can still feel it for many hours even days after!)
    Ami, do you believe that some people are destined to be alone forever for most of their lives/until they die? What do you think of someone who has perception that ‘the one’ doesn’t exist in this stage of life or world that he/she is living now?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow P
      That is a profound post. Hmmm, I really don’t know if someone is destined to be alone. I think God wants to give us the desires of our heart. If our hearts desire is to get married, I think God wants that for us. You could put your chart up in my Forum if you wanted me to look at it more and Welcome. I don’t think we have spoken before!

      1. amiannPhoenixPhoenicia

        Sorry for the missed introduction of myself. I’m new here and my previous post was the 1st one. I really like your site, especially the asteroids part. Really appreciate your kind offer for me to put up my chart. I promise I will. Take care Ami.

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