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To Non Christians—-What is the Devil? For Kanwal

I grew up Jewish. My family was agnostic. My family thinks I am ignorant to believe in the Bible, so I understand this sentiment. I went to college in the Bible Belt, Durham, North Carolina. When I got there and saw the TV programs on Sunday morning, I used to laugh at how silly these people were to believe in the Bible, literally. I thought only an ignorant person would do that.However, they had a light to them that other people did not. However, as a Jew, it was not for me. It took many, many tragedies for me to re-evaluate that. However, back to the devil. I cringe when I see preachers scream and yell about the devil. I wonder how many people are turned away by these theatrics. I have explained Satan’s role in the life of men in another article. However, I want to add something. If you see celebrities such as Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods going down to the depths of pain and degradation in the public eye, you will see how Satan works. He lures people, many who have it all, such as Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, in to depths of pain and humiliation, by promising something better. In reality, these people had it all. What was missing, in their lives? Nothing, in actuality. Some force lured them to compromise their lives. For what? Satan deals in passions. We are passionate people, each and every person. Satan plays on our passions. Satan,also, plays on our emptiness. In reality, these men had everything, but something was missing. Satan’s playground is the empty hole in the center of every man. It is a spiritual void, not a material one. As such, it cannot be filled with earthly things. It must be filled with spiritual things or it will be forever empty, and forever calling us to fill it.

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