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Too Sensitive For This World—The Unaspected Moon

I pondered why someone like Micheal Jackson seemed to suffer so badly while others could dismiss troubles and move on.Of course, it was discovered that Micheal had severe abuse from his father, Joe. However, not all abused people react the same. That has been a thought I have pondered, for a long time, too. With my personal discovery of the unaspected moon, I have some answers. Society demands that the child grow up. However, there are some souls who stay forever childlike. The moon is the deepest planet in anyone. One does not show one’s moon in casual relationships. One’s Sun and Ascendant protect one, if one has a modicum of good sense. However, the native with the unaspected moon does not seem to know how to protect himself. He seems “out there” with his deepest heart, which should be reserved for the appropriate time and place. He does not seem to have the appropriate boundaries, as others do. The unaspected moon seems as if it is a gift to others, as he is a proverbial child caught in a man’s body. However, the toll it takes on the native seems as if he is a sacrificial lamb, of sorts. He was made for the world of children. However, the world of children is not safe, either. He was made for a world way back when before ego entered. The unaspected moon needs more ego. The ego is the Sun. His Sun does not shade his heart from the assaults. If the Sun does not dominate a chart, all sorts of problems emerge. The unaspected moon shows this dynamic, very clearly.

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