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Tori Spelling’s Natal Chart

tori chartI love Tori Spelling. I find her fascinating. I find her very engaging. I would like to explore her natal chart. After I do this, I may do her synastry with Dean.

Jupiter Conj the ASC Tori has a big, beautiful vibe. She vibes positivity. This is from big, beautiful Jupiter conj her ASC. Jupiter enlarges what it touches and dusts it with fairy dust to turn it into magic. Hence, Tori shines a la the manner of Jupiter. Note that Jupiter does this to any planet or part of the chart it touches. If it conjuncts the Moon, you shine with a big, beautiful heart brimming with positivity. If it conjuncts Venus, you shine with a radiant love aura. If it conjuncts Mars, your actions may be blessed as if you have a fairy godmother

An Almost Fire Void Tori is low in fire. She has one generational planet in Fire. The generational planets are the same for all those in the same generation. Hence, they are not personal as is one’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. When  there is low fire like this,  depression may result. Low energy may result. One may find it very hard to be motivated. One may feel cold all the time, even. An almost Fire Void is not as strong as a complete Fire Void. However, it is strong enough to exhibit the above traits.

Venus in Gemini Tori is the flirt of the Zodiac. One can see that in her onscreen characters. She seems to have that light, playful feeling about her that is classic Venus in Gemini. Venus in Gemini attracts by being so much fun that people follow.

Both Venus and Saturn in the 4th House

Saturn in the 4th shows coldness in the home. Venus in the 4th shows love. I think Tori was adored by her father and rejected by her mother. She says as much in her autobiography and the chart reveals it with these placements. There are other placements which will show the exact nature of her relationship with each parent. We will get to those, later.

Pluto and Uranus in the 8th House

What has attracted me to Tori is that she has a great deal of depth which is balanced out by lightness. I find this kind of a person fascinating. The lightness would be from the Jupiter conj the ASC and the Venus in Gemini. The depth would be from the above 8th House placements, as well as her Scorpio Moon, which we will study later. Pluto in the 8th makes for a person who is not able to be superficial. She will plumb emotional and sexual taboos. Uranus here may make for kink.

Scorpio Moon in the 9th

Scorpio Moon is the most intense moon of all. It is in it’s Fall which makes for a hard emotional life for the native. If light and airy looks are seen, as in the case of Tori, you can be sure that she has intensity and passion underneath. This Moon can be very jealous and very possessive. Most Scorpio Mooners wish they could switch Moons for a not so intense one.

This Moon is one of the hardest Moons. due to the great intensity of passion. My joke about this moon( not about Tori, in particular) is that if the native’s partner stays too long at 7-11, the native thinks he is having an affair with the clerk.

Tori is an intense person with intense passions of all kinds. The 9th House placement will mitigate it a bit because she is very spiritual. She wants to know God and won’t stop until she finds Him. Hence, her intensity can be channeled into spiritual things, to some extent. This is a blessing for her.

Nessus conj Saturn in the 4th

This is most interesting. What conjuncts Saturn makes for obsession.  Does she feel she cannot access her dark side?Does she feel she has to be “all good”? Anything Saturn touches makes for a lifelong struggle for the native to INCORPORATE into herself. This would be a very hard one. I would love to hear from anyone who has it, so we can understand it more. Nessus in the 4th may show evil overtones in her childhood. She said her mother was a Malignant Narcissist.

Her Relationship With Her Father

Tori adored her father. They had a rift due to her mother’s influence.However, there was a deep, mutual love and they reconciled before her father’s death. The relationship with the father is shown by the Sun in the chart. She has a trine to Pluto. This makes her very perceptive, too. She is a natural psychologist. Her relationship with her dad can be reflected in her lovely trine to Pluto. A trine shows an easy flow between the father and the child. Tori indicates this in her book.

Her Relationship with Her Mother

Tori’s Moon squares her ASC, exactly. This makes for someone who has a hard time showing emotions.  Her relationship with her mother may have resulted in a sense of not being able to time  actions or choices well. Her mother have have made her doubt her own judgement.

I think one may see that by her first marriage which seems to be one of obligation and expectation.  Her mother may have made her lose touch with her own compass. The moon is one’s mother as well as one’s own heart. I need to check and see which asteroids are conjunct her Moon, too. These asteroids will tell us more about her own heart, as well as her relationship with her mother.

Mars in Pisces conjunct Pholus

Mars in Pisces is not a good place for Mars. Pisces is too dreamy for Mars which likes to take decisive and direct action. However, she is an actress. Her goals are to go into the world of play acting and imagination, so this Mars does fit. However, she may not go after what she wants in life in as strong as way as she may like. Pholus conj Mars may make for a person who is explosive.  Pholus will explode what it touches. In this case, it is her passions which includes assertion and sexuality. I would guess that she can let loose and it may not be well controlled.However, in the good sense, Pholus brings what is hidden to light. It is never good to have hidden anything and in this sense Pholus can be a blessing.


Neptune Retrograde

Neptune Retro makes for a very spiritual person. I read that she was ordained as a minister and that would fit. The Neptune Retro person will search and search for God as a deep personal quest.

Uranus Retro

This person may struggle with showing her uniqueness. She may feel as if she has to measure up to “normality” However, when she struggles enough with this, she should emerge as a unique and authentic person with her own stamp on life. To me, I admire Tori because she seems to have done this and I respect this a great deal.

Venus Sq Mars

. When Mars touches Venus, we can have a person with great charisma, too. She does have this!


I will give a brief summary. Tori is a fascinating interplay of light and dark, lightness and depth. I think this is why she fascinates me. When one meets her, she may seem larger than life. She may make people feel special. She may have a joyful feeling about her which radiates to others. Inside, she is both light and dark, as I said. She is a flirt. She loves words. Words are what attracts her to  a man. She is attracted to the mind, first and foremost.

She has a great deal of inner passion and intensity, probably more than she wants.She may feel overwhelmed with it.

Her father adored her and vice versa. Her mother  may have  made her doubt herself such that  she may have  lost part of a sense of feeling out the best timing for things in her life. She finds it hard to show her heart in public. She may struggle between following her heart or her mind, too. She probably goes back and forth between the two and this may be one of her life struggles.

She is very perceptive and generally trusts men more than women.




I am going to do a separate article with any prominent asteroids that I find, as well as Tori and Deans synastry.

Please comment and add anything you think I may have missed or just give your opinion. I love to get Comments!



9 thoughts on “Tori Spelling’s Natal Chart

  1. amiannLon Spector

    There is something of a dispute about the meaning of the fourth house.
    Some say it pertains to “womb and tomb” issues. Some say it is the domain
    of one’s relationship with their mother, and the final state of the body’s
    interment-the location and grave marker etc…
    The tenth house used to be the “father’s house,” How one related to one’s
    father. I think now, they are saying that the fourth house IS the house of the
    father. Do you have any opinions about that?
    Also, could you tell me how it is determined what planet rules the chart?
    Is it the planet that the raising sign is in? For example, is a Leo raising’s ruling
    planet the Sun? Or is a person’s ruling planet always in their 12th or 1st house?
    Some people have no planets in their 12th or 1st houses.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You have it right about the ruling planet in your 1st example of a Leo asc and the Sun being the ruler. The 4th house is USUALLY the mother and the 10th, the father, but in some cases, it is reversed, when the mother is more dominant. Then, the 10th House can be the mother. The native will usually know if the astrologer asks him.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Well, I have Leo raising, (Born at 12;42 pm) and I would hardily qualify as
    a “Sunny” person. Casey was born at 3:10 pm and she was VERY Sunny
    for 31 days at least. Remember, that Bella Vita tatoo?
    Moon in 11 sq Venus in 8 Sq Staurn in 5 Opp Moon won’t make for a sunny

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I detect coldness here! It does no good to hold back! Is that one of your
    blind spots? Should I go or should I stay?
    People are working on you no doubt. These are the 12th house enemies
    that I have acculmalated since I started using the computer. They are sending
    you E-mails encouraging you to ban me. They hate. That is their level. Most are
    I don’t care for the female gender. I like some individual women. But I’m not
    a Padre. I generally don’t like women. You can see the reasons why in my chart.
    The biggest curse in the world for women!
    I come out among you and see your dress and behavior and I don’t like it.
    The summer mounths are worst of all.
    God made me the way I am, for nothing really. God made you the way you are.
    The two never meet. I suppose it would be asking for too much for a female not
    to engage in deciet, behind-the-scenes-trickery and skulldergery!
    Just go off with a Bill Clinton type and have fun!

  4. amiannLon Spector

    I can understand why Casey Anthony is why she is, but how could I ever
    have trusted you?! To think, I actually thought there were some Christians
    left! I’m gone!

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