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Ten Aspects For INSTANT Attraction

Fast attraction is what it means. We see the boy across the room and our knees go weak. The same goes for him. This is mutual.Will it last? These aspects will not tell us that. To answer that,we would need aspects for soul, emotional bonding and simpatico, which are primarily Moon, Mercury and Moon like asteroids, such as Ceres, Valentine, Vesta, the Child Asteroid and many others.

1.Uranus Conjunct the Moon
This is instant ZING, felt by both

2. Uranus Conjunct Venus
This is an instant attraction, as well. The Moon/Uranus, above, may be a bit more intense, but both are very intense.

3. Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant
This is what I call the “weak in the knees” aspect. The Ascendant person feels this more intensely than the Pluto person.

4. Pluto trine Venus
The Pluto person feels more of a desire to control. The Venus person wants to be controlled. This works best when the male is the Pluto and the female the Venus. If not, the female can be the dominant person in the relationship. This does not seem to work as well.

5. Pluto trine the Moon

In this aspect, the Brutus Pluto overwhelms the tender sensibilities of the gentle Moon. He sweeps her away and she loves it.

6. Pluto trine Mars
With this aspect, there is an kind of edgy, raw, sexual tension. Both feel it.

7. Mars Conjunct Venus
I picture Cupid shooting his arrow. Hearts flies. Eyelashes bat. Mars crosses the room to meet beautiful Venus. Both are instantly attracted and encircled with floating hearts.

8.Apollo Conjunct the Ascendant
The Ascendant person would feel a kind of awe for the Apollo person. So, this would be attraction, plus awe.

9. Nessus Conjunct the Sun

I have been the victim of this *Cough*. Yowser, this aspect, probably, unglued me more than any aspect I have ever experienced. I was the Sun. He was the Nessus. Nessus is abuse. However, it does not SEEM like abuse, at first glance. If it did, one would run. Nessus feels like an incredible magnetic pull. It feels as if one’s life depends on acceding to that pull. However, Nessus seems to end badly. That which is too hot to handle seems to blow up to an explosive level and then, literally, explode, often into cold rage and revenge.

10. Nessus Conjunct Venus
This aspect makes for a”Kaboom”–a nuclear blast. The attraction is off the walls, but it seems to end badly, in the same manner as the above aspect.

3 thoughts on “Ten Aspects For INSTANT Attraction

  1. amiannSaraf94

    I just realized his venus conjunct my nessus by 2 degrees… And my sun conjunct his nessus by 3 degrees..
    I think we’ll hurt each other equally.. Lol

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