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Tyranny —–Are We There Yet?

Lets talk about what tyranny is before we attempt to answer the question. I cried when Obama was elected the first time. The second time he was elected, I gave up, in large measure. However, it doesn’t matter what I think or what anyone else thinks. It matters what Obama does. One can judge a man from his actions, not his thoughts, nor his cheap words. If a man says I love you and then sleeps with your best friend, does he love you? If he protests and tells you that you are the most adorable, beautiful and sexy female on the planet but goes wild with your credit card, does he love you? Many people in the US and the world think he would and he does. Lets examine why and how this could happen.

First of all, much of America is asleep. It has been lured into slumber by TV, movies and the celebrity media. Much of America does not know what Benghazi is. These people have been termed the “low information” voters. They get their information from tabloids and entertainment TV. The phrase “the dumbing down of America” has come to pass. America’s dumbing down chickens have come to roost. It is an ugly picture that brings up the phrase ” people get the government they deserve”. The low information voter watches his TV and reads his tabloids while Rome burns. History sadly repeats itself to those who won’t learn it’s lessons.

Secondly, one must look at the issue of Obama’s race and the related issue of slavery. When America instituted the despicable condition of slavery, America set forth a terrible curse on herself, in my opinion.All actions have consequences. This is true for the individual and the nations. This concept is called Karma, in common parlance. The Bible calls it “What you sow, you will reap”. Slavery left many black people very angry and justifiably so. This anger burned inside and justifiably so.

The candidacy of Obama was a catalyst for this anger to be channeled. I don’t think any American with a heart was not touched when the first black president was elected. It truly was the opening of the road to hope and change, Obama’s slogans. However, Obama more than any single figure has shown us that color is irrelevant.

One’s chickens will always come home to roost when one bases one’s decisions on the superficial. This is true for the individual, as well as the nation. This is akin to a beautiful woman with no substance. Her beauty will take her quite a ways in terms of popularity and even jobs. However, her beauty will not sustain her. That takes character. Character is what Obama does not have. If I could write this sentence a hundred times on the board, I would. Obama is like a beautiful woman with no substance–only skin deep.

There are so many examples of his tyranny that one does not know where to begin. Obama acts as if he has no idea about any of his scandals. He expects people to believe he was riding in the back of the bus while someone else was steering. Who could be steering? George Bush???? The Republicans, a name that Obama uses as one uses the Great Goblin to scare children on Halloween. Even Chris Matthews has come to decry the absent president whose country runs without him as he magically disappears at all the crucial junctures. It is a great job if you can get it. You take lavish vacations, have lavish parties and have no responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

All kidding aside, we have reporters whose private information was violated. We have political opponents to whom the IRS has targeted. We have religious groups to whom the IRS has delayed 5013C status( tax exempt) We have Benghazi where only ONE person could call for a stand down. That one person is OBAMA.

Do we have tyranny, yet. You decide.


5 thoughts on “Tyranny —–Are We There Yet?

  1. amiannannie post

    As a Christian and as a person interested in what you do, I found this post to be ridiculous. Bengazi? Riding in the back of the bus? Obama has no character? Angry black man? What are you trying to say? The Fox buzz words make no sense. Our president is a man of character, intelligence, faith and I feel sorry for any human that is the target for baseless smears, esp. coming from a Christian. Ask the Lord if He agrees with you. I know I thank Him for giving us such a great man to lead us through the Bush catastrophe which nearly annihilated our economy and whose irresponsibility and war mongering resulted in so much innocent bloodshed. Thank you Lord Jesus for President Obama. Bless him and his family and protect them from evil words and thoughts.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t care about his color. Two of my heroes are black men, MLK and Frederick Douglass. I gave money to Herman Cain’s campaign. Obama’s color is being USED so that he can put America into tyranny. I stand behind it, Friend. I am sorry you took it as racist because I am angry at HIM, not his color.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Also, I am angry that Obama and others who want to destroy this country USED his race to do that and to get people like you to be blinded to Obama. No Christian should support Obama!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    People DO get the government they desirve. You know who said that? Groover Cleveland,
    the only president ever elected to two non consectutive terms…
    Groover Cleveland was wise enough to come up with that wittisism, but not wise enough
    to avoid date-raping a carrier woman, impregnating her, and trying to destroy her, and her
    Groover had political ambitions. He wanted to be President. Good old Groover married a
    woman 27yrs. his jounior, had legitimate children with her and did achieve his political
    As for the first lady victim, she was forced to give the baby up for adoption, suffered
    sever villification in the media, did get married to a lesser prospect, and died the shell
    of a person.
    So you see it didn’t start with Obama, like it didn’t start with Clinton, or Nixon or Kenneady.
    We elect attractive “figureheads” to political office-empty suits. Satan is the “God of this

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