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Unaspected Jupiter As a Practical Matter

With an Unaspected Planet, the person may feel hyperactive in the domain of the planet. That is why the Unaspected Venus may be too social in a hyperactive way The Unaspected Pluto may hold power with a too tight a fist. The Unaspected Mars may be Hell on wheels. The Unaspected moon may be too shy to leave his house. The Unaspected Sun may be an egomaniac or too self effacing. This happens because the native has an urgency to express the planet.It is as if the planet is a baby who wants to be born. The Unaspected Planet will be a hallmark of the chart. The person has a great opportunity but he may not use it. That is the double edged sword of the Unaspected Planet. With Jupiter, we must mull over what Jupiter rules and how it functions. Jupiter is optimism. Jupiter is good cheer.It is high spirits. It is learning for the sake of really understanding why.It is adventure.It is long distance travel, as well as studying about esoteric matters. As such, the Unaspected Jupiter native can be a genius in these things.However, he has a solitary journey to make friends with his Jupiter. How it is done with a Jupiter is more elusive to me as I have an Unaspected Venus. I would need to put that out there to all you Unaspected Jupiters : rare that you are.

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