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Unaspected Planet—Naked Wanderer Until Clothed in Glory

If one is the owner of an Unaspected Planet, one has buried treasure. As in actual buried treasure, it does no good when it is in it’s buried state. There may be glorious diamonds. However, they stay as inert as coal if one does not bring them up from the depths. The location of your Unaspected Planet is important, too.I have not discussed this, to date, as it has just come to my attention in a profound way. The house location is where your Unaspected Planet was meant to shine. Of course, this makes perfect sense. I will address this subject in future articles. For the moment, I want to discuss the destiny of the Unaspected Planet. The native was meant for a specific purpose. Of course, the earth is incomplete without each precious life entrusted to it by God. We are talking about Unaspected Planets now, so will limit this discussion to their unique destiny.Each Unaspected Planet endows the bearer with a gift but also impels the bearer to give his gift to the world.

The unaspected Sun was made to have a shining identity. More Hollywood stars are Unaspected Suns than any other Unaspected Planet. The unaspected moon was meant to bring his emotions to the world and hence allow the world to understand their own emotions. The Unaspected Venus was meant to learn the lessons of love and bring the quality of love to the earth. The Unaspected Mars was meant to learn the lessons of drive and assertion and bring these lessons to the earth. The Unaspected Saturn was meant to learn the lessons of hard work and discipline and the climb to a momentous goal. The Unaspected Uranus was meant to learn the lesson of extreme individuality and bring that to the world. The Unaspected Pluto was meant to learn the lessons of power and bring that to the world.


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