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Unaspected Planets and Obsessions

I think each person with an unaspected( or semi aspected) planet is obsessed with what that planet rules. The obsession does not have to negative. However, I think it will be, until the person faces the traits of the unaspected planet and pulls them in, rather than flitting on the surface of them. I think the unaspected planet calls you, in the nature of thirst. If you do not answer, you will be obsessed, in the same way that a thirsty man would be obsessed with water. The unaspected planet is a powerful force in the chart.The first step to taking the unaspected planet out from it’s buried state, is to follow that obsession.If you are an unaspected Venus, you may be too social. You may be a social butterfly and unable to stop. This is what I mean by the obsession part.One must follow the obsession, however, as it will lead one to the second step. In the second step, one starts to integrate the planet into oneself, in a more relaxed and natural manner.

In the second step, one faces oneself. One realizes that one is obsessed and asks why.If one is an uber social creature, one asks what this is accomplishing rather than running on empty.The second step is about seeing what the obsession represents, rather than mindlessly repeating it. At this stage, one realizes that one is using the physical world in a symbolic way. As an astrologer, I see this in my clients, particularly with the Nessus/Dejaneria asteroids. One feels one will die, if one does not get a person to love them. One will not die, in actuality. However, it feels as if one will. I have learned not to throw platitudes at people. Platitudes are cheap answers to a person’s angst. The person with the unaspected planet is similarly obsessed. Once, he sees that he has a symbolic reenactment, he can detach and observe.

The native with the unaspected planet has a gift. The unaspected moon may not seem like a gift to the person, but it is considered a gift. The unaspected moon native has special qualities,even though he does suffer a great deal, from his extreme sensitivity. He has a childlike manner that is unusual in an adult. He brings joy to others, by his childlike innocence and trust. People will not understand him. In my opinion, Micheal Jackson was targeted wrongly, in part because people did not understand the unique beauty of an unaspected moon. In his case, he had an almost unaspected moon, which works the same way.

I have a passion to help people unearth their unaspected planets, as I am unearthing my unaspected Venus. One has a gift with which one can bring fufillment to oneself and joy to others.


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