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Unaspected Planets —Buried Treasure

An unaspected planet is rare. I do not believe in past lives ,as I am a Christian. However, many astrologers say that an unaspected planet is a gift for good deeds in past lives. I say this, to say that an unaspected planet is a gift. However, it is a strange gift, in that it can stay unwrapped. The person with the unaspected planet is an anomaly, as he is both gifted and retarded in the traits of the unaspected planet. Let me explain. The unaspected planet does not grow in a normal way. Aspects can be likened to parents. They shape the child, planet in this case. The planet without aspects can run free. He may soar. He may plummet or he may hide. However, he is called upon to deal with a treasure, as a person of royalty. He has both a burden and an opportunity.Each planet deals with a part of the human experience. Venus deals with love. Mercury deals with the mind. Uranus deals with creativity. Pluto deals with power. The Sun deals with identity. The moon deals with emotions. Mars deals with all forms of drive, which includes anger, passion, and aggression.


The unaspected Venus deals with all things Venus rules. Venus rules love and beauty. Venus loves a harmonious environment. People with a strong Venus may be gifted in interior design. Venus ruled people may have creative talents in music and art. Venus ruled people may be lazy, on the down side. Picture a rotund nude eating grapes. That is a picture of Venus. The unaspected Venus has to deal with love, in all it’s many forms. This Venus must figure out how love functions. This is a weighty proposition, but it is his destiny. If he is courageous, he may find that he understands the depths of love. This love is not limited to lovers. It is about the quality of love operating within all humans.

The unaspected Mercury wants to imbibe words. He may collect dictionaries, repositories of words. He may collect pens, the tools of words. When he reads, he may look up words, as he wants to understand subtle meanings.The unaspected Mercury may get so lost in words that he does not understand emotions.

The unaspected Uranus is highly creative. He will make a unique imprint wherever you may find him. He will be copied by others, but does not care to copy others. He is an independent sort.Mozart was thought to be an unaspected Uranus.

The unaspected Pluto will need to deal with power. He may be a despot or a powerful democratic leader as was, both, both Castro and JFK.

The unaspected Neptune will need to deal with the next dimension.The next dimension is that of creativity, daydreaming, drugs and spirituality. When one leaves this realm, even for a moment, as in daydreaming, one has entered the next dimension. The unaspected Neptune must go in to the next dimension and come out with his feet on the ground. Then, he will be worthy of offering succor to others.

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