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Using Your Chart to Understand Your Unique Nature

Did your mother tell you all girls were sugar and spice? Do you think you were made to be a peacemaker, a caregiver? Do you smile when you want to kill? Do you want to kill, first, and ask questions, later? Every chart has each planet and asteroid, obviously. They are arranged differently, of course. Each chart is as unique, as a fingerprint. However, the sweetest woman has a Nessus, the abuser’s asteroid. The most abusive man has a Ceres, the asteroid of unconditional love. What is the lesson of the charts? We, all, have every energy. If a person is out of balance, look to the chart. The chart reveals everything. What Saturn touches will be restricted. What Jupiter touches will be enlarged and infused with positive vibes. What Uranus touches makes us want to throw off societal and personal constraints: to run naked down the street, uncaring of natural and societal boundaries and shout” I will do it my way.” The asteroids personalize the charts, unlike any planetary combination. Some charts are terribly hard. However, just knowing what you are dealing with, opens up possibilities of healing, unlike any modality, bar none.

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