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Venus in Aries in a Female (Venus in its Detriment)

Venus is a demure planet, one could say. It does not like to be in an aggressive sign, just as a true lady never chases a man. If your grandmother didn’t tell you that, she should have. Mars, the planet of war, loves to be in Aries. Scorpio, our favorite lothario, loves to be in Mars. However, with Venus, we have the demure energy of the lovely belle of the ball, dance card in hand, waiting for the gentlemen. Back to Venus in Aries. Aries IS the planet of action. You want Aries to be around, if the building is burning. Aries will go in and pull you out. Aries will defend the underdog. Aries will defend a friend, to the death. However, Venus does not do well with this level of dynamic energy. It bristles, as a girl who wears roller skates to the dance, when the others wear flats. Venus in Aries needs to asses the nature of her Venus, and act accordingly. If this Venus is interested in a man, she should check the synastry to see if some of his stronger planets(yang ones) conjunct her weaker ones(yin ones) .Nature has it’s ways, whether we like it or not.

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