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Venus in Gemini School For Man Chasing

puppet girlI enroll many of my clients in my unofficial Venus in Gemini School For Man Chasing. I am a natural. What can I say? We all have different gifts 😀 I grew up under the wise tutelage of a Venus in Gemini grandmother. Most everything of value I learned, I learned from her. She had amazing common sense. One thing that is missing in this era of displaced families is the wisdom of the older generations. I have a son in his 20’s, so I am of an older generation than many young people I deal with. The young women seemed to have lost their way.

I cringe when I see how little they value themselves. I cringe when they throw themselves at men. I cringe when they don’t act like ladies. My grandmother was a true lady. She carried herself with grace and dignity. I was a crazy acting Gemini kid. She would always say, “Ami, WHEN are you going to be a lady?” She was right. All men value a lady. I don’t care if they protest to kingdom come. Don’t believe it. It is in their genes. Men want what a lady represents. ALL men do.

I will try to outline what being a lady means, to me. The one cardinal rule, if I could pick one, is to never, ever, ever chase a man. If a man does not chase you, let him go. If you chase him, you will never get him. If you do get him, by some fluke, he will not be happy with you. He will feel that he lost out, somehow. He will not feel that he won the prize. He will feel like the prize came cheaply and he will not value it, long term.

I know I am going to get the most hate mail for this article. You know that certain things are going to send people into orbit and this is one.I have a vow to be honest. I have this commitment in my professional readings and in my articles. I try to make this commitment in my life because it is the only way to live a life that is worth anything. It is not an easy bar to strive for, but I do.

Back to the subject and not covering my backside against tomato throwing 😀 I have had a lot of experience in my own life and in the lives of people I have seen. I am a logical person and I try to learn from the lessons that present themselves. I have never seen a relationship that was happy when the woman chased the man. Most of them will not come to the point of an actual relationship. However, the ones that do seem as if they are missing a piece.

A man needs to slay dragons and climb mountains.. In this current day of political correctness , testosterone is considered taboo. Of course, woman still fall in love with the movie heroes who show machismo. You are not going to find a movie hero who is a meterosexual. You will find a meterosexual at your local health food store wearing Birkenstocks. You will find him at your local feminism rally. You will find him holding the pocketbook for his significant other while she is at the mall. However, you won’t find him cast as a hero.Women don’t think of him as a hero. Women think of him as a wuss

. Men and women may think they are very different from men and women of old. They may look at Victorian novels as if they are silly vestiges of some past oppression. I am sure they are, in many ways. However, human nature remains the same, always and forever. The Book of Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun. There isn’t. This goes for the women who want to chase men and make it work, once and for all.



8 thoughts on “Venus in Gemini School For Man Chasing

  1. amiannEva

    That was very interesting Ami. 🙂
    But I think not all men can appreciate lady, only real gentleman know how to handle her, specially in our today’s society when real ladies and true gentlemen are so rare, what do you think? Btw I really like all those pictures you are posting with your articles, hmm, that’s probably your saucy venus in geminy talking 😉

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Exellent article! It speaks the truth!
    But you have to understand that there IS a Satanic conspiracy to upset the natural
    order of things. The media IS setting up today’s female to chase the man, or-at the very
    least-be responsive to the vicious “low-life” man.
    The objective is to downgrade, and ultimately destroy western civilization, to dechristianize
    society and institute the law of the animal jungle. This is why we are saturated with sex,
    and lack of impulse control is extolled and celebrated.
    Women should realize that law and order and civilization-as boring as they sometimes seem-
    are essential to thier well being and safety. History is replete with examples of how
    women (and children) pay the price for chaotic times.

  3. amiannKristin

    A male friend once said to me that nowadays wimen chose the men and then the men must chase them, so the man just follows..He struggled a lot with his man-ideals and he had his mars in Pices so that could be some reason.. but I have noticed this has changed over the last 10 years or so as well with the girlpower-wave.. And also the younger generation has Pluto in Scorpio, not i libra like mine

  4. amiannLon Spector

    Ami, if you have looked at some of my posts on other websites you will see that the
    “haters” suggested I find a site like yours. They wanted me “out.” I refused to leave.
    I still annoy them, and they call me “troll.”
    I AM glad I found your site, and I see the hand of God involved. I never would have
    believed there could be a “Christian”/Astrological site. I’m greatful I found you!

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