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Venus in Libra in Female (Venus in it’s Domicile)

Venus is our love nature. It shows what we love:what we find beautiful. All people have a different aesthetic. Beauty is, truly, in the eye of the beholder. One can understand this, if one studies Venus. Venus is what we FIND beautiful. Mars is the AGGRESSION with which we go after it. Keep this in mind and you will be on your way to understanding that special person, and yourself. The planet Venus is a yin planet, as is the Moon. It receives the energy of other planets. Mars is a yang planet, as you might imagine. It acts on other planets.The glyph for Venus is the sign of the female.The glyph for Mars is the sign of the male. As such, the male pursues the female. The male has the drive. The female receives him, biologically speaking.

Back to Venus. Venus is in it’s Domicile(Home) in Libra. Venus in Libra is the best of Venus.It is Venus dressed in a tasteful, black dress with pearls and pumps; going out for a day at the Art Museum. Picture wise, Venus in Libra is the painting of a nude, eating grapes, with a few too many fat rolls. This Venus loves to eat .It loves all creature comforts. Venus in Libra does not have to be fat. However, she will, always, be the lady eating grapes fed to her by an admiring man, in her deepest heart.

4 thoughts on “Venus in Libra in Female (Venus in it’s Domicile)

  1. amiannRaygirl

    Actually, Venus is also at home in Taurus, more than Libra.This is because Taurus is a feminine sign, while Libra is a masculine one. These means that its qualities are extroverted in nature, obviously Venus is not. Taurus is the epitome of Venus, being quite inert, vain, yet loving, and materialistic. Libra’s intellectual qualities is not as in line with the Venus archetype. Taurus’s pleasure seeking qualities are. 😛

  2. amiannRaygirl

    BTW, come on Taurus is obviously the food loving sign. They are known for being voluptuous! Nobody loves to eat more than Taurus, while Libra moderates its tendency to do anything, especially eat. Sure it like fine dining, but within balance, hence why it is defined as the Scale. Taurus is the Bull that grazes in the pasture eating and laying around, just like Venus, taking in all the sensual pleasure. After all Taurus is more sensual than Libra. Like I said Libra is more intellectual.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I feel that Vesta might be better for Taurus, as a ruler. Venus seems like it is at home in Libra but we can just speculate and we may differ! xx

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