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Venus in its Detriment–Scorpio

I did an article on Venus in Scorpio, in a man’s chart. The Detriment position of a planet is a planet which does not like it’s home/placement. The home may be too big, too small, too hot or too cold. The planet kind of sticks out, like a sore thumb. As such, the Detriment position will, always, bristle. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Scorpio is the most sensual and passionate sign of the Zodiac. Quite simply, Scorpio is too sultry a sign for Venus. I discussed the male Scorpio Venus, so I will concentrate on the woman with Venus in Scorpio. I am not sure who suffers more from the Detriment position of Venus, men or woman. My first thought would be woman, but I don’t think you can discriminate.

Across the board, all female Scorpio Venus seem to carry some sort of burden. Do they all admit it? Hardly. Scorpio is a very proud sign. Hence, we can hardly expect them to admit about feeling “oversexed”. However, in private moments, with those whom they trust, I think they will. At any rate, we all have planets in the Detriments and Falls. The planet is different for each person. Hence, each person must deal with one or more energies which do not work well.

The female with Venus in Scorpio may come across as a siren. This Venus may lead with her sexuality. In the same way, other Venus’ lead with what is predominant to them. I will give some examples. Venus in Gemini would lead with her intellect. Sag Venus would lead with her vivacity. Aquarius Venus would lead with her love for humanity. Leo Venus would lead with her glamor. Venus in Scorpio seems as if it tries too hard to be sexy. As such, she may scare men off. Then, wonder what happened. This Venus seems reluctant to take advice from a Venus who may be able to see what is happening, such as a Gemini Venus, with her cool head. The pride of the Scorpio Venus makes her not able to take advice, well. This may be her downfall.Open up, Sisters. Learn that you do not need to excel in all things, in order to be worth something.

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