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Venus in Scorpio In a Man’s Chart

Thank you, Ashley, for the ear worm: Chris Isaak’s song “Wicked Games”. I will listen to the song a hundred times until I can’t stand it, anymore. This song speaks to Venus in Scorpio. Venus does not like Scorpio. Venus is a delicate planet of refined sensibilities. Smoldering Scorpio may do well in Mars. but it overwhelms Venus. Venus in Scorpio seems to plague it’s natives, male and female. Quite frankly, it makes them feel they are oversexed. This may sound like it should not be a complaint, but it seems to plague this Venus. Back to the song. This man seems like he does not have a strong enough Mars to deal with his sultry Venus. Mars is one’s drive. Mars shows how we will go after what we want. Venus shows what we love.If one’s Venus were in Scorpio and one had a non go -getter Mars, one’s frustrations would increase exponentially. This song feels like a Libra or Cancer Mars. Libra Mars over thinks. Cancer Mars gets frozen in fear and runs for the safety of it’s crab shell. For a Venus in Scorpio, one would do better with a Fire Moon such as Aries or Leo. Those would be go getter moons. The man in the song seems like he has a tender moon such as Cancer or Pisces; altogether an inauspicious trio.




2 thoughts on “Venus in Scorpio In a Man’s Chart

  1. amiannAfreen

    I confirmed with a Scorp Venus, Cancer Mars last night & he has been in love with this song forever 😀 I love this song too, although I’m just Venus/Mars in Capricorn 😛

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