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Venus in the 12th House

Venus may be one of the hardest planets to have in the 12th house. Neptune is thought to be the easiest, followed by Jupiter. After that, it is a matter of opinion, perhaps. To me, Venus seems hard. We, all, need love. Love is the soul food for the human. Venus is the planet of love, all love, not just that between lovers. The 12th house Venus seems to sit on the sidelines and watch love go by. There does not seem to be much for her. She may think that the outer world is denying her, but that is not the case. The outer world, reflects the inner world, in most cases. This Venus hurts too much to put herself forward and risk rejection. She may try, but she may find herself hiding under the bed, as the result of the effort and vowing not to try, again. Love seems to come easily to some. To Venus in the 12th house, she is a creature of the next dimension, as are all holders of 12th house planets. As such, she needs a lover to take her hand and encourage her to come out,and tell her that she is loved despite her flaws, which she magnifies more than any one else . Be gentle with this Venus. You will have a special creature love you, if she gives you her heart.

8 thoughts on “Venus in the 12th House

  1. amiannsteve cochran

    Nice observations, Ami. I’ll add that Venus is about desire and the 12th is about surrender, In spiritual terms, this can be an extremely blessed placement.

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