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Venus in Virgo in a Man’s Chart

Ever heard of the phrase” he wants the perfect woman”? That was made for the Venus in Virgo man. Handle yourself as the quintessential lady. Drop coarse behavior. That includes your manner of dress. Save the black silk for more private moments. He has delicate sensibilities. He won’t tell you . He may feel embarrassed at how much little things matter to him. He may not feel it is in keeping with his macho image.. Venus in Virgo may wish he were not as attentive to detail as he is. He can’t help it. That is his nature. We know that about Astrology, by now. Some things are “as is”. This Venus may have the nose of a bloodhound but he will, also, serve you as no other Venus sign.If you are sick, go to bed and let Nurse Virgo attend to you. He loves to serve, even if he does not call it by name. He will be the one to give a hand up to your weary heart, soul or body. You can trust him with your deeper self, as he can be counted on to be by your side when a more superficial Venus will have moved on at the first sign of the dreaded C word: commitment, you all.

2 thoughts on “Venus in Virgo in a Man’s Chart

  1. amiannAfreen

    I feel blessed to be loved by a Venus in Virgo 🙂 gosh, Ami Anne you seem to be posting on everything that’s close to my heart! It’s almost like you can read my mind 🙂

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