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Venus /Neptune–The Prince Turns Into A Frog

426192_370560499630965_1147051277_nThere are certain danger signals in the natal or the synastry. One is Venus/Neptune in hard aspect.Venus loves. Venus is attracted to what touches her. Neptune is otherworldly beauty. It is the beauty of the spheres. It is the beauty of a composer like Mozart or Chopin. It is the beauty of an artist like Picasso. It is the beauty of an author like Hemingway. It touches us to the core.

We have a human core that is touched by beauty. Each planet has its front side and back side. The front side is what we see when we look with more superficial eyes. For example, that woman may be lovely but her inner core may be fetid, rotten like food left too long on the table. This is a good analogy for Venus/Neptune in hard aspect.

The most beautiful girl you have ever seen turns into a shrew and a harridan. You don’t know what happened. You never expected it because Neptune told you otherwise. In Neptune’s otherworldly glow, you saw a prince. However, when you looked long and hard at the picture, it changed into what it always was–a core of ugliness that other people could see but you would not listen. You would not listen because you could not listen. There is a power to the planets, whether for good or bad. You best respect them.

8 thoughts on “Venus /Neptune–The Prince Turns Into A Frog

  1. amiannLaura

    Lots of frogs with Neptune in the 7th 😉
    In fact, I started a frog garden. So many species, lol.
    Oh, & I have the square too… Joy 😉

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Can you explain the feeling behind it, Laura? Do you not see clearly at the beginning? How does the mechanism work? Thanks for your comment, Friend!

      1. amiannLaura

        Difficult one. I think it’s much like you describe. It’s just a huge crush where you dance on clouds & then slowly land back on earth months later. And reality kicks in. Hang on, is he really like that or do I just think he is, which then causes confusion first.
        I think I’ve once read a description somewhere which stated that with this aspect you only see the potence of someone. But it is a potence (the most beautiful core if someone is the best person he could be), but often that’s not what the persons actions show at all. So that’s Neptune’s doing I think.

  2. amiannemily

    so the carrier of this aspect natally would experience this dynamic in others / others turning into so called frogs right or would the carrier give off this vibe?

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