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What About Venus Square Mars in a Man’s Chart?


I was asked me a question and I was not sure what he was asking, but I got it! He asked me about a man’s chart that had Venus trine the Moon AND Venus square Mars. Venus trine the Moon is charm. It is love of woman and a sense of being connected to his feminine side, particularly in the EMOTIONAL;heart realm.The Moon is the HEART This guy would be comfortable doing “girly” things, but not lose an ounce of his masculinity, which is quite a feat. This man could talk on the phone for hours and then go shoe shopping(OK, I exaggerate a bit for poetic license) However, he is the rare man who understands women. Moon trine Venus is a heart/emotional understanding of women .Women sense this and love him for it! This native is, always, popular with women!

Venus square Mars is a person who has a polarity in his masculine and feminine principles. Venus is the feminine, Mars is the Masculine. . The Venus square Mars man may not be totally comfortable being masculine. I am not saying he is gay. I am not saying he is anything. I am saying that he does not feel totally comfortable with his gender, as does a Venus trine Mars native.I am trying to think of an example. I hate to leave things in the intellectual realm and have people shaking their heads. I will use myself as an example. I am a Cancer Moon, which makes for a very feminine woman. It is the nature of this placement. I have, always, felt very comfortable being female. When I would meet woman who do not feel comfortable, my heart goes out to them. It is through no action on my part that I did not struggle with being female. It is my chart. The same goes for any aspect.

I hope I have explained that well. Let me know!

23 thoughts on “What About Venus Square Mars in a Man’s Chart?

  1. amiannsomoleyah

    this article is PERFECT. i have a male friend with BOTH of these aspects but he is indeed gay. i also have venus sq mars in my own chart as well (my mars is rx) i think im quite repressed but still more feminine.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, one can’t make a doctrine on the Mars/Venus square, S. Thanks for your kind words. They are very appreciated and thanks for being here!

  2. amiannJanay Matthews

    Thank you Ami Anne. I used to question my sexuality a lot since I grew up in a strict religious, fanatical family. I have Moon trine venus, Venus Square Mars, and Mars square Neptune. Other astrologers said that Mars square Neptune people can question their sexuality too. Some astrologers said that some people who have Venus square Mars can be argumentive and extremely selfish. My mother has Venus square Mars as well and it was hell living under her roof. She abused me emotionally and psychologically and said that LGBT people are going to Hell. She said that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. She memorizes the bible so that she can get money and food from her pastor to buy her junk. She also has Apophis conjunct north node and Sun conjunct Swindle.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        Yep. I looked at my mother’s bad asteroids and it scared me to death. I can message you on Facebook my mother’s chart showing some of her bad asteroids, then you will really get the picture into my situation.

          1. amiannJanay Matthews

            Ok. Take your time. I just posted to your Facebook Messager and it’s always available at your convience.

          1. amiannSam

            Oh and Ami,
            God put Varuna conjunct my Ascendant (1 degree) for a reason. I wonder who would receive my message?

            You can check out my facebook page also if your heart is truly curious about what God, the maker of the stars and planets, could have possibly made homosexuals for.

            Maybe we have spent so long looking at the images, the reminders, the reflections, of ourselves that we haven’t had the time or need to look at what humans actually reflect of God.

            Here is a tid-bit. The image of God is not a man and a woman. The image of God is a parent and a child.

            Love and peace from your sibling in Christ,
            Sam Hebert

      1. amiannSamuel Hebert

        Hah. Even squares can be reconciled with alchelmy and especially the blood of Christ..

        And no Ami, I don’t mean from gay to straight. God didn’t make squares to be erased.. he meant them to be understood as a message to many.

      1. amiannJJ

        Personal Venus/Mars opposition, it feels like to express one fully is a betrayal of another and society has archetypes that are mutually exclusive e.g. I don’t get respect for my Mars (brain) without ‘sacrificing’ my sensitivity (Venus) or feel the need to choose science OR art, when I consider them much the same. Men and especially lesbian women like that ‘fluidity’ but I don’t and wish it was combined better, just time management doesn’t help the public persona side, where there’s friction to being non-stereotypical and just a full person. It’s obvious in the way I dress, one or the other. Even my gait differs when wearing trousers or a dress, manners and speech somewhat too. It really feels like a gender “performance” but I hate that PC talk, I don’t want pity or attention. Still get it though, heaps of negative attention, which I’m told I deserve like it’s possible to “teach me a lesson” (maybe it’s Medusa loosely conjunct NN by 3d, but even if I dress like a literal manly man I catch trouble for it – cannot win). Teach me out of what, exactly? Men can hate me for my Mars, women my Venus, equal parts jealousy (how silly, there’s nothing to be jealous OF? I don’t oppress anyone) and suppressing themselves from that quality, so I get it in the neck from both sides. At first friendships seem fine but every person has friction with one side, which I suppress to please them or they leave, angry at me like having a complex personality is a betrayal. I can tell them upfront I like both things but they don’t believe me… No idea how a man’s square would work but I sense a kindred spirit who is punished by society for trying to blend opposites, the power of a square might be too dark or explosive though. Just a guess, it might erode them like acid from the inside if they don’t get it “out” into the world, you know? Then exhaustion. I get a lot of that because life pulls us in enough directions without our own mind/heart going in opposites. Everything seems a bit blurry like a dream, on a tight-rope or when dissatisfied by one half with a thing, hollow. People have no idea what I am sexually, hilariously, but I’m interested in men, something people disbelieve. They assume I’m some rampant bisexual or man-hating lesbian. …No? They also disbelieve that I don’t sleep around because I have “energy” of someone who does but I dislike that energy, if so, and it might be other aspects (but Mars is in the 8th, apparently whatever I wear, someone somewhere will find it alluring, no matter how frumpy I have dressed). I just sublimate creatively, which I get no real recognition for because the result is ‘too weird’, maybe ahead of its time? Society doesn’t like androgyny, it wants you insecure and ‘incomplete’, to pigeonhole and manipulate you. I don’t like the idea of my energy controlling what I choose to do, yet I do dart from thing to thing. If it can’t be reconciled it feels like a curse because society has no place for it and calls the person wrong. There seems to be nothing more possible to do about it? You just hit a wall. Energy dries up entirely, like an expression coma. I think I’m very feminine but society… judges my hobbies masculine when… no. There’s not really any such thing as a gendered hobby anyway but no, also love the “girly” stuff and people try to reject that concept of deeply immersing into both. God knows. From celebrity men I’ve seen with Venus square Mars, it seems quite toxic to them but intoxicating to others. I’d rather have balanced karma than some useless magnetism thing.

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