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Venus Trine Moon in a Man

al pacinoThis is my second favorite aspect in a guy. My first favorite is Mars in Scorpio. I can feel both of these, online and in real life. If I spend even a little time with a guy, I can tell if he has one or the other. I have never been wrong, so far. Well, that is not totally right. Once I confused a Venus in Scorpio with a Mars in Scorpio. However, I learned. Venus in Scorpio has a different vibe than Mars in Scorpio . It is pronounced when you know what you are looking for.Venus in Scorpio will flirt but not as aggressively as Mars in Scorpio who has it down to an art form. *sigh* Can I say melt like hot chocolate ?

At any rate, I got off into Mars in Scorpio when I wanted to talk about Venus trine Mars in a guy’s chart. Venus trine Moon does not have to be with Mars in Scorpio to be off the wall charming, If it is with Mars in Scorpio, it is nuclear. However, it can be with any Mars and make a guy as charming as heck. Men with this placement will genuinely like women. They will understand women.. Women will love them for it. They will be popular and never lack for female friends.

Venus trine Moon makes a woman feel good just to be near. It is a gift from the gods, some magical nectar sent down on a few lucky ones which makes these men larger than life and sweeter than honey to the women who have the pleasure of calling them friends, lovers or just a guy that you met in a superficial setting but who touched you and left you a little more enchanted in the process.




PS Is there a man more gorgeous than Al Pacino?




11 thoughts on “Venus Trine Moon in a Man

  1. amiannLesley

    Hi AmiAnn,
    My Pastor at church has Venus in Cancer trine his Mars in Scorpio with a Cancer Sun. Needless to say everyone loves him. Babies even stop crying as soon as he picks them up.

      1. amiannLesley

        Yes, He is also very intuitive. I believe the man can read thoughts and feelings. I have been astounded at times. It probably makes him receptive to God’s Word and Voice.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    What does a person with a less then promising chart do? Suck it up, and place their
    hopes in the next world, like Job did? Or, seek out people who have the same malidities?

  3. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Remember the guy in the photograph with the cigar? Yes, the one with Casanova AND Cupido on MC;
    Well he natally has Libra Venus trine Aquarius Moon (2 degrees) AND a Scorpio Mars as well. This mars exactly squares the moon and semi sextiles Venus.

    He sure makes me feel good though i am damn certain i would never want him for a husband or a permanent partner. He is way too shallow for my taste.

    Anyway, I love to hear his voice on the phone. If we were to be in the same city, i’d love to party with him. I have a work trip coming up to a city near where he is. I am almost tempted to add a side trip, just to be with him for a few days…:)

    So yeah…these aspects makes a man way to smooth.

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