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Voicelessness and Echo

521628_358380997604980_643982285_nEcho lost her voice.In modern times, we would say that she doesn’t express her opinion until she scans the room to see if it is acceptable. She has been like this since she was a child. She had a voice once, as most children do. Now, she is a shell. She blends into her surroundings like the girls at the party who are all dressed the same.

The modern day Echo would say the right things. She may be in pearls and a sweater set. She may be tattooed. It doesn’t matter the externals. Echo is internal. One’s voice can be lost on the back of a motorcycle or in the backseat of a Rolls.

The modern day Echo would probably go to a shrink and tell him that she felt empty. She has tried all the men, the possessions the highs. They left her bland and lifeless.. The shrink would, probably, give her a drug. He would call it depression. However, it is not depression. It is voicelessness. No drugs will cure it. Finding one’s true voice is the answer.

A prominent Echo would be conjunct the ASC, Moon or Sun. Secondly, a prominent Echo would be conjunct Mercury, Mars,Venus, Saturn, Jupiter or the North Node. If you have a prominent Echo, her story will touch you. That is how you know.

Echo’s paired asteroid is Narcissus. I have not watched the synastries to see if these attract each other in the manner of Nessus and Dejanira. It seems as though they might. I have seen the Echo/Narcissus theme in parent/child synastry, though, with disasterous consequences.

Echo should learn to sing. Singing means to throw out one’s soul and make it naked for all to see. If one does not do this, one’s song will be bland like white rice cooked too long until it becomes mush.

Echo needs to find someone to teach her to sing. This needs to be someone she trusts because her attempts will be hard and embarrassing. However, love cures most everything. Echo’s voice is no exception.

When she can sing, she will find that she had a voice and it was her own. That will be a shining moment for her and the day she will no longer be Echo.



9 thoughts on “Voicelessness and Echo

  1. amiannamiann Post author

    Echo quintile Sun and Square Moon

    The quintile is a talent aspect so you could use your ego or identity to do something positive with Echo, maybe write a book etc, just for an example of a positive use for Echo.

    Echo square Moon may be a sense that one has emotions one cannot express.

    How do these seem to fit, Kayla?

    1. amiannkayla Farwell

      Yes, I am getting my social work degree, so the part you said about being apart of a group is true…being an advocate and voice for those who lack the resources to do so.

      I do have emotions I can’t express. I like the part about singing. When Im alone, i’ll sing to myself whatever thoughts I’m having. It’s interesting when that happens….

      The not being able to express emotions is true, I do find it easier to write them down and then read them.

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