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Want To Have Spa Luxury For Pennies?

I love little special things in life. I think we all do.I want to share something so special that I had to share it with you. I love baths and I have tried all sorts of bath salts and oils but I never found anything this wonderful. You fill up the tub with the hottest water you can. My friend who told me this even boils his. Then, you put in green rubbing alcohol. I put in a few ounces. I add Dead Sea salts that I buy from E bay but you can use epsolm salts. If not, you can use Kosher sea salt. I put in two cups of the salts. This makes you really sweat and the green alcohol has a menthol vapor that is heavenly. Tell me what you think if you try it 😀

2 thoughts on “Want To Have Spa Luxury For Pennies?

  1. amiannVertiver

    Yes I love baths also.
    I like to do meditations in baths so that drained water can symbolically drain the auric sludge from the past etc.

    Some tips: milk+oats+rose petals+rose oil –ancient beauty secret

    Kefir lime – sparkling aura

    Sea salt removed any bad spirits attached to you so right 0n. ,)

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