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What Are Psychic Powers and How to Get Them?

We have five senses which we take for granted. In other words, these five senses are not strange. However, when someone, such as myself, can access a sixth sense, then it is thought of as strange or aberrant. It is not, anymore than a musical gift is aberrant. There is a dimension which exists beyond our own. Everyone accesses it, with gut feelings and intuition. It is accepted, in every day society, that someone accessed his intuition and came up with an answer. However, to be psychic, seems as if it is an anomaly. It is not, really. It is just an extra sensitivity to the next dimension, which has answers because there is no time and space, as is the case in this dimension. As such, all things are happening at the same time. The Bible says this to to be true, as does contemporary physics.

Psychic powers are within the normal range of powers, for all to access. However, they may come more easily to some than others. To become more psychic, you have to really want it. Then, there are certain steps you can take. Being psychic is dependent on your vibratory rate. All things vibrate, even stones. Things vibrate at different rates. The man who has psychic powers vibrates at a higher rate. Others may pick it up, as a glow about that person. It can be picked up by others, although they may not know what they are picking up.

There are several methods that can raise one’s vibratory rate. Breathing techniques such as those used in Kundalini yoga, can raise one’s vibratory rate. Out of Body Experiences are one the best way to raise one’s vibratory rate, as they raise it quite a bit. However, learning to overcome the fear barrier to OBE’s is hard. People who have an NDE ( near death experience) will have a higher vibratory rate, as a result. People who have had NDEs seem as if they have a strange relationship with electricity. Electrical devices seem to short out when in the presence of such people. Also, the spirit world seems to intrude into the person’s life in such a way that the person sees spirits, whether or not he cares to.

I have heard that one can raise his vibratory rate through meditation, although I have not experienced this, myself. The great yogis can surpass time and space by changing their vibratory rates. They can bi-locate and levitate. Jesus surpassed time and space. He could appear and re-appear in various places. He could walk through walls. He overcame the realms of death and the dimensions related to death and returned to the realm of the earth. For the people who have accepted Jesus, it is promised that we will be as He is/was. So, when we die, we will have the powers attributed to Him, in the Bible.

However, we can increase our psychic powers, in this dimension, which is the subject of this article. If a person desires to attain psychic powers, the effort will be well worth it, as it enhances current life. One can be warned of dangers to oneself, and loved ones. One can know which dish in a restaurant will turn out good. As one becomes more psychic, one becomes more human. One becomes more empathetic and more sensitive to the suffering of others. This has been my experience, at any rate. One realizes that there is more to this world than attaining pleasure for oneself. True joy is found in serving others.





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