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What Attracts You To a Person?

We, each, are attracted to certain traits in people. You Venus will show this.

Venus in Aries – loves boldness and courage and fast movement such as fast cars and adventure.

Venus in Taurus – loves stability, comfort, homey things such as fresh baked bread and watching a movie on TV at home

Venus in Gemini – loves words, plays on words, wit, verbal banter, books and a partners mind.

Venus in Cancer – loves family closeness, closeness with a few friends only, staying at home, decorating the home, making home cooked meals for those she loves, emotional warmth , hugs, and tenderness

Venus in Leo – loves beauty. They can fall for a beautiful face and wake up later with regret because they have confused outer beauty with inner character. They love sparkly things i.e. bling. They like to be the center of attention and to show off a partner on their arm.

Venus in Virgo – loves perfection. This Venus may have standards which are too hard for a mortal to meet. This Venus is very sensitive to little things such as smells and tastes that others would not notice. This Venus wants his partner to be the whole package, perhaps, more than any other Venus

Venus in Libra – this Venus is the most refined Venus of the Zodiac. It does not like coarseness, in any way. It likes refined behavior and refined manners. This Venus would like a date to a museum or a fine restaurant.

Venus in Scorpio – this Venus is the most passionate. Beauty, to this Venus, is combined with what they find erotic. His favorite outfit would be lingerie combined with music such as Ravel’s Bolero.

Venus in Sag – this Venus loves adventure and a high spirited partner with a wonderful sense of humor. This Venus does not like to commit, but prefers to have short relationships and move on. This Venus is the bachelor of the Zodiac.

Venus in Aqua – this Venus is a cool customer. He may be aloof. He may want to show his love to a group, rather than have the level of intimacy in a one on one relationship.

Venus in Pisces – this Venus is a sensitive one. If he loves you, he will shower you with tenderness and kindness. He may retreat in to solitude, at times, to recharge his battery. He loves the water. A date at the beach would be perfect.

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