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What Does it Mean to Lie to Oneself?

I came upon this dilemma when I did a natal chart for a lovely woman. I did my most extensive natal chart and it took me a week. I put on all my hats when I do a chart( or any reading) I am a masters level counselor, a psychic and an astrologer.I have the asteroid Jung conjunct my Sun. This describes how I do charts. I am, also, a person who has been through many things, made many mistakes and has a good degree of common sense and logic from a Gemini stellium. So, when I do a chart, the person will get a dose of honesty. I believe truth is in very short shrift in this society. That is one reason we are in so much trouble. Few people will come out and say what they are feeling and thinking. So, I offer truth as my highest virtue. Many people have no one to tell them the truth. So, I feel I offer something of value just from my pursuit of truth.

At any rate, I am writing this article to explain my philosophy and how I came to it. So, I will return to my example of the lovely woman for whom I did a chart. She was thrilled with my chart. She felt that she got more than years of therapy. She told someone how wonderful my charts were and the woman purchased a chart. She had many dark things going on and she did not want to face any. I felt like I was plodding through an algebra exam and that it would never end. This one took a week, too. This woman was interested in one thing—-getting a particular guy.

The subject of this article is lying to oneself. The real name for it is denial. Denial is a psychological defense mechanism. It does not mean the person is a liar or the person is bad. It means that the person has built up defense that prevent her from facing herself. I know this from my own journey to try to break down my own defense mechanisms. There is one key to this process and one key only, truth. Truth will light the way out of denial. I don’t think people can face themselves without God but belief in God is not needed for a reading with me. This is my personal belief based on my personal journey. I am here to serve everyone. That includes all faiths, all lifestyles and all sexual orientations. I have many gay Forum members and I forget they are gay. Each person is not a label to me. Each person is not a religion or a culture. Each person is a heart. People know that I am a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew. I am available for questions. I have a Bible Forum but I don’t push my beliefs on others. If you have the Hope Diamond, you don’t have to try to trick someone to take it. It shines. Belief in Jesus should shine out of a person. I hope it shines out of me, even though I am a flawed specimen.

At any rate, if I feel a person is lying to themselves about their motives, I will not do a reading because I hate being in the position of trying to break denial. It won’t work, anyway. It will be uncomfortable for both people. In these cases, I will invite the person to my Forum where they can learn and put up their chart. If I feel they have come out of denial, I will do a professional reading. If I sense they have not, I won’t. I want everyone to leave an encounter with me better and happier than when they came. Trying to pull someone out of denial does not result in this and this is my primary purpose in my website and all that I do.





2 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to Lie to Oneself?

  1. amiannJamie Morris

    Great article <3 I have run into that denial thing with others as well when trying to read their chart for them, and I ended up choosing the same thing, not to do it anymore until they were ready for it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Jamie. I hate to write these things because I know I will make people mad but what is life without honesty. Your feedback really helps xx

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