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What Happens in a Live Chat Reading?

The live chat reading is the same as the phone reading in that I follow the same procedure. I ask you to tell me, in detail, about your pressing problem, as you, usually, would have one if you contacted me. I will make notes and ask you questions, when needed. I may ask for a picture. I may ask for some basic astrological information.

With the hour long phone or live chat, I am at your service for the time we interact. You can talk about one issue or more. Usually, there will be one issue that motivated you to contact me and we will discuss this until you have closure. After that, you are free to bring up other issues in the time we have left.

The live chats seem to flow very easily. I can feel out a person very well from words. I have a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th house. This means that I was born to swim in the world of words and I do love all means of communication. I have never had a Live Chat reading where the person was not very pleased. I enjoy these a great deal, as I have the space to meditate, while the person types.

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