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What Happens in a Phone Reading?

I want everyone to be very satisfied when they have any reading with me. If you never get a reading, I want you to gain from my website. I want you to leave any encounter with me feeling better than when you came. That is my goal.

I want to explain how I do psychic readings.

1. When I call you, I ask you to describe your pressing situation, as you would not have contacted me if you did not have one.

2. I tell you to talk to me, as if you are talking to a close friend. Just say what is on your heart. Don’t try to word it in a “professional” way. Just speak from your heart. I have a pen and will make notes. I may interrupt to ask you questions. I may ask you to send me a picture, too.

3. As you speak, I meditate and wait for God to give me answers. I am a channel, only.

4. I am a true Born Again Christian and my “psychic” power is a gift of the Holy Spirit. All Born Again Christians have one or more gifts.

5. I am not a psychic like you would find at a fair or behind a crystal ball. I listen for the Holy Spirit and I tell you what I hear. We discuss your issue from any angles which are important to you, whether it be using my counseling skills, my Bible knowledge, my psychic gifts or some brief talk about the Astrology involved.

5. My Astrological chart readings are a separate endeavor. Each chart takes me a week and so for the phone reading, I do not ask for Astrological information before the reading, but may ask you to post your chart in my Forum, afterwards,if I feel that will help you in this way. There is no charge for this. I, or some of the other Astrologers will look at it. If I am busy and cannot get to it right away, I hope you will understand.

6. The main thing I want to leave people with is that I listen to the Holy Spirit and help bring Him to you by being a clear channel.

7. If this is what you are looking for, please call on me. It would be my great pleasure to serve you!

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