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What Happens in an E- Mail Reading?

I love all my readings but I enjoy the e mail reading the most. This is because I have the most time and freedom to meditate. I work on one situation per e mail. I will explore that situation until the client is satisfied. I may ask for a picture. I give as much to an e mail reading, as to any of my other readers because my goal is for you to walk away feeling that you really got something valuable . I have many moments of joy in the work I do, but one of my favorites is when my clients come back. I have some clients from my very first days who have come to rely on me as al part of their lives.I hold that trust with great reverence.

We all need someone with whom we can talk and show our deepest feelings. It is rare in this society as many people are isolated. If not physically isolated, emotionally. If you read my website, I am not a fan of therapy. This is from personal experience and from never really seeing anyone who got better. People learn to exist, but not live, in my opinion. To live is to accept who you are and to find joy in that.

I am a hybrid of all that I have experienced and all that I have studied which covers the gamut from traditional counseling, acupuncture, yoga, the Bible, Astrology, Graphology and just being a person who has gone through many hard and dark life experiences. My goal, in all of the work I do, is to help you know yourself, accept yourself and most importantly see your inherent worth. This is my own journey and so I am well acquainted with it.

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  1. amiannNiki Stewart - Psych

    Email readings are an option to psychic telephone chat and calling a clairvoyant on the telephone. As useful and informative as phone calls are there is another method to obtain psychic input and a psychic email reading does have its advantages. Thanks for sharing.

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