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What I Learned About The Moons Since My Last Article

I want to thank everyone who commented–nice, angry, sweet, bitter, hostile, kind 😀

I learned a lot and I hope you did, too. We need each other in order to learn because the only real expert is the person with the placement. We need to learntea cup tatt from that person how it feels. We can learn by seeing that person in action, too. One must be a good observer to be a good astrologer.

I learned some important things about the Moons. The most important thing I learned was that the Moons see loyalty differently. Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn,Scorpio and Leo Moon will have your back. You don’t have to ask. You don’t have to beg. You don’t have to cajole. You don’t have to tell them.

Other Moons may seem to be disloyal, from a Cancer Moon lens, but it is more an issue of their lens. An Aqua, and a Libra Moon will think out the situation. To a Cancer Moon like me, it will feel disloyal but it is their lens. Their lens is very different from mine.

I think that one will be one’s Moon sign, to a large degree. Hence, one would not really want a partner who did not understand one at a core level.

This was part of what I learned too. I will always feel betrayed if someone does not have my back in a way I feel represents loyalty. In a friend, one could accept this. In a partner, one would feel cheated. and one would feel as if one was not safe.

I am not done with the subject of Moons because they are my favorite planet in the sense that they are the very core of the person, the very heart and soul and that is where Cancer Moon lives.




14 thoughts on “What I Learned About The Moons Since My Last Article

  1. amiannferryleaf


    It always tickles a Virgo moon’s heart to hear that someone has learned something, from an experience. ;D

    Or any of several Virgo placements, I’d imagine. haha I can cop to that, even though some Virgo types- some Virgo suns, but Mars in Virgo types, especially, can get to me. It’s their pointy-fingered, telling you what to do, teacher/preacher, always-in-your-business type behaviour. lol

    *cough*Mars in Virgo is the absolute worst, IMO*cough* xD (My doctor and my father have this placement. They NEED to be teachers. No matter what their profession, they NEED to be teachers or they will go insane. lol If they can’t give you their oh-so-highly-correct version of How It Should Be Done, they will explode. xD )

      1. amiannferryleaf

        😀 heh

        Sorry, I kind of went off on a slightly unrelated tangent.

        Mars in Virgo drives me nuts. Obviously. 😉

        They are the people I would chew my own leg off (like a trapped animal) to get away from. xD

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Jesus Christ was a Virgo. He was born on Sept. 11 2BC, on the Jewish new year.
    It was the perfect time, symbolically, for the Saviour of the world to be born.
    He was also born of a virgin, incidently. The wise men caught up with Him on Dec. 25th
    of that year, and gave Him His presents. (See Associates For Scriptual Knowledge web

  3. amiannLon Spector

    The Jewish New Year marks the anniversary of the world’s creation.
    Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden in Autaum. In the fall, the fruit is already on
    the trees. NOT the spring. So Adam and Eve were placed in a fully stocked garden.
    The fruit was present on the Tree of Knowledge AND the Tree of Life.
    The Tree of Knowledge was a Fig tree. “They covered their nakedness with fig leaves.”
    The Tree of Life was an Almond tree, a very beautiful tree. The manoria is representative
    of this tree. This was the tree that Jesus was crucified on.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    The truth is kept from people because MAN wants to be a GOD. Satan tempted Eve
    “To be like God, and know good and evil.” He said, “God wants you to be a dumb child.”
    Eve couldn’t resist the temptation to be like God. No one can. But now that people can
    know what’s good and what’s not, people have to be mislead to be exploited. That’s were
    religion comes in. Religion is designed to enslave people.

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