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What If A Psychic Could Look At Your Body Like an X Ray or Medical Test?

This is medical intuition. After the worst tragedy in my life, my own medical intuition developed. Caroline Myss’ books opened up the possibility of medical intuition, to me. She is a highly credible person. When I “know” things, I know them without a doubt, as clearly as you look at the sky and the sky is blue. I have had many, many instances of medical intuition which I will share with you. Medical intuition comes to me in a flash . Different parts of my psychic ability come to me in different ways. Medical intuition is always as a flash of knowing.

One of my first cases was of a friend who called me from the hospital with abdominal pain. I told her “You will be home by night” She had an ovarian cyst which burst and she was home by night.

I had another friend in the Intensive Care Unit, very close to death. I could feel her light, alive in the world. That is the best way to explain it. She was far away, geographically, but there is no time and space in the world of energy or the next dimension, if I may call it that. I could feel her light, so I told her family that she would be all right. They were skeptical, but I must put myself on the line, or what good am I? If I have a gift , I must be bold about it. In a day or two, she came out of the coma. In a week, she was home

I saw another friend, at the gym, every day. He had a slight cough. In time, I knew he was there by hearing the cough before I saw him. He told me that the doctor told him it was allergies. I knew it was serious, in a flash. He went to another doctor. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died a few months, later.

My father was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Surprising to myself, even, I felt like he would be OK. I told him that. He sought alternative medical treatment and the tumor shrunk. Doctors confirmed the shrinkage . They shook their heads. The tumor has not caused him any problems .

My mother had a strange swelling in her hand. She went to the ER and they were not sure what it was. I told her that whatever it was would go away. It went away in a day or two It turned out to be an allergic reaction to a cleaning product.

One of my closest friends had a relative who was in labor. I told him that I felt there was a problem and they should seek more medical attention. The baby, very sadly, was born with some mental and physical problems.

Most of my medical intuition has been positive news. The serious problems have been relatively few, in comparison.

At the outset of any medical intuitive reading, I tell my clients to consult with his or her doctor after my reading. Again, I will add that I do not consider myself a Professional Medical Intuitive. If you need this, please contact someone who specializes in this.

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